Wednesday, July 3, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Water drenched in clothing, traveled as entering the bathroom, "while Sebastian was drying off, he noticed?"

Down next to the tub, sat strands of dark black hair, with red coloring in between the tangled web of hair, on the bathroom rug. Sebastian walked over, dripping wet, with a towel around his shoulder's; to sit in the vanity chair. Over looking the dark black hair, it appeared to have nail polish flakes through out. Sebastian got up with a pair of tweezers at hand, and went into the kitchen, by placing the evidence into a brown paper lunch bag, above the refrigerator.

Sebastian had left with the towel to keep warm, and from shivering, from the cold lake. He was heading downtown to visit Sargent Fitzgerald, and Lieutenant Gardner, with the evidence found.

Mr. Montgomery, nothing yet, my men have been searching all night till this morning, "Lieutenant Gardner explained."

I have something for you to look at and investigate what's in this bag, "Sebastian replied."

The crinkling sound of the bag, lifting the tangled black hair with a pencil, "You didn't touch this did you; asked Lieutenant Gardner?"

I found it next to the Claire's bath tub, while drying off, "Sebastian answered."

What were you doing at Claire's cottage, and why where you in the bathroom, "questioned Sargent Fitzgerald?"

I had gone back to Claire's this morning to look for clues, and see if anyone had come back to the cottage, The balcony glass door had been opened when I had arrived. Mrs. Wallington had come by to check the mail, and to see if Claire would try to call, this afternoon as well, "he explained, as Sebastian sneezed!"

Why are you wet wearing a towel around your shoulders "Lt. Gardner enquired?"

After Gene, Mrs. Wallington had left, I went back down to the lake once more, and when I came back up through the balcony glass door; I had gotten hit on the head, and dragged thrown into the lake, "Sebastian explained."

That would explain the bump above your right ear, "said Sgt. Fitzgerald."