Saturday, November 9, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had picked up the phone to call Sebastian Montgomery, yet no answer.

Hanging up the phone, sergeant Fitzgerald had noticed a trail of sprinkled dirt along the baseboard, next to the back door of the cottage.

Stepping out onto the porch, he had noticed two footprints along the back steps of the cottage porch.
Leaning against the door, sergeant Fitzgerald decided to take a walk about, around by the lake.

soulmate- The Investigation

On down the road, Francis had been silent the whole way down to the police station, as he swallowed the guilt that filtered his deceit.

Sergeant Fitzgerald was going through Francis's clothing, and stepped into the bog, searching for clues in Claire's cottage.

Back at the Manchester Police station, Francis had been placed in lieutenant Gardeners office.
Just wait here for a while, should I call an attorney, "asked Francis?"

That won't be necessary officer Cathcart spoke entering the room of lieutenant Gardeners office.
I'll take it from here officer Noble, "said officer Cathcart."

soulmate- The Investigation

The ambulance had arrived, sergeant Fitzgerald packaged up the necklace, placing it into his police satchel of evidence.

Meanwhile, Francis had been sitting in the back of the police car, officer Noble had gone back in to speak with sergeant Fitzgerald.
I'm going to take him down to the police station because I find some suspicious evidence of foul play, something is not right here, "quoted officer Noble."

I'm going to stay behind and I'm going to do some checking in his belongings,"suggested sergeant Fitzgerald."

soulmate- The Investigation

Quietly slipping down the hallway, a hand came from behind,can you please come with me back over to the living room, as Officer Noble escorted Francis.

What's going on, choking on phlegm saliva down his esophagus,"Francis asked officer Noble?"

I have questions for you, first I don't see two cups of hot tea,I only see one shattered upon the kitchen floor, second I think you should come down to the police department with me for further questioning,"stated officer Noble."
I don't understand why your taking me down to the police station, Francis argued.

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had been dispatching an ambulance over to Claire's cottage, while officer Noble had walked Francis over to the living room, for questioning.

Sitting in the living room, officer Noble had noticed a little bit of grass twig underneath the sofa.
Frances had gotten up to use the bog.
Officer Noble had walked over to Mrs. Wallington, Gene's lifeless body. Noticing as he knelt down, something shimmering through her clutched right hand.

What are you doing, "asked sergeant Fitzgerald?"
There is something enclosed in Gene's right hand, "officer Noble replied."

soulmate- The Investigation

How long would you say she was here for, and what caused her to fall down on to the floor,"questioned sergeant Fitzgerald?"

We had been sitting inside having a spot of tea together at the kitchen table.Gene said she had to go, got up to leave, that's when I heard the thump coming from the kitchenette, "Francis explained."

Why are you sweating so much, and you look awfully nervous,"stated officer Noble."

I just can't believe this happened, one minute we're having tea at the table, and the next thing I know she's laying by the front door.
Sweat beads began to form beneath his eyelids, while Francis reasoned.

Friday, November 8, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Frantic in his eyes, heart beating like a drum, slipping of the coffee cup from clammy hands, he sipped from the teacup, shattered the porcelain upon the kitchen floor.

Shaking and trembling inside, ding dong ...ding dong ...ding dong, Francis made his way to the front door, wiping his face off with a handkerchief.

Opening of the front door there stood, sergeant FitzGerald an officer Noble, as they made their way in, observing Mrs.Wallington, Gene's body lying not too far from the front door entrance.

soulmate- The Investigation

Officer Noble speaking, how may I help you, as the phone exchanged hands?

It's Claire's brother Francis, hello Francis and how many I help you,
"enquired officer Noble?"
You remember Mrs.Wallington, Gene Claire's seamstress that runs the dress shop, she came over earlier to check in on me.
When she was leaving she fell to the floor, and she's not breathing, as anxiety filled his voice,"Francis had explained!"

Where is she right now, "questioned officer Noble?"
She still lying on the floor by the front door of Claire's cottage,"Francis responded."

Don't touch her, don't move her, I'll be on my way, clicking of the phone hung up, as officer Noble exited the police station.

soulmate- The Investigation

Francis had had gotten up from the floor, where Gene lye life less.

He quickly picked up the telephone, ringing the Manchester Police Department, can I speak with sergeant Fitzgerald,"he asked dispatch?"

What's this in reference to, the officer answered?

This is Francis Atkins, Claire Atkins brother, Sebastian Montgomery's missing bride disappearance,"he replied."
Let me go grab officer Noble, he's sitting across the room at his desk, "dispatch responded."

soulmate- The investigation

Gene you're not talking sensibly, maybe you should just give me the necklace and go lie down, I'll call the police with the clue you found, "Francis suggested?"
Leaning on the table while standing upright, I don't trust you,
"Gene answered!"

Slowly heading towards the front door necklace tightly gripped in hand, slam to the floor like dead weight, "Gene gasping for air!"

Swiftly come to her side, Francis felt her pulse, placing his hand on her chest.
I'm having a heart attack, as her eyes rolled back, "she whispered."
Francis hovered over Gene's body, as he watched the life slip from Gene's body...

soulmate- The Investigation

Francis had sat across from Gene, with this mysterious look in his eye, Gene I don't understand what you're referring too, he answered!

I had given this as a wedding gift to Claire the morning of her wedding at the dress shop,"Gene explained", as sweat ran between the salty tears that wept her face.

It had fallen out of your pants pocket in the dresser drawer.
I was making sure you were settled in for your stay, as she look faint, she went on about.

Francis sat there in peculiar, I don't know where it came from, didn't even know it was here, "nervously he explained!"
Why are you acting like you know something, "Gene inquired, as mystery filled her thought of doubt?"

soulmate- The Investigation

Flustered in the face, heart pounding intensely with wonder, as Gene sat on Claire's bed. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead with every stroke, as she ran her hand through her hair.

Gene tried collecting herself as she headed for the kitchen.
Why are you sweating what's wrong, what happened, what's got you so upset, "Francis questioned with panic in his voice?"

Stuttering every word, tripping over her tongue, pale faced, horror in her eyes; Where did you get this necklace, "Gene asked in a whimpering voice?"
Sit Gene ...calm down, surprisingly looked Francis, as he exported Gene to the kitchen table.