Saturday, July 27, 2013

soulmate- Captive

As Thornton went to kiss her soft petals of close lipped, Claire bit him on the upper part of his cheek, piercing the skin just below his left eye.

Smack across the face, as she screamed, "Get off me, I want my Sebastian, she moaned!"

Thornton filled with frustration, "How could you have done that to me", as he smothered her lip locking, as they're legs intertwined.

Claire gave into his ever lasting kisses of lust, that mapped her face and chest, as he held her tightly close to his body. She felt lost, and bewildered, overwhelmed with his touch of sexuality.


Thornton sprang from the rug, No, I will not have you, until you accept being Mrs. Androusey, "in the utmost!"

Never will I accept it, she ran upstairs, and locked the door.

Thornton had went back into the bar, and sat at the café table, staring at the uneaten meal of Devine dressing of food prepared for two. His eyebrows rose with a crinkle in his forehead, of fiery eyes, as the sound of tipping of the table come crashing down across the parlor wooden floor.  


soulmate- Captive

As she wrapped herself in the wool blanket, to keep from shivering, Thornton stared at her of ravishing furiously eyes awaited. Claire sat on the rug, hoping the night would end, without fighting with Thornton of his feelings for her.


Thornton beckoned Claire, yet she wouldn't answer nor look his way, she stood to run away from her captor. Thornton reached for her dress, grabbing it at the bottom of the lace trim; Tarring it at the seams, baring her legs of silk. 


By then, the wool blanket had fallen off her shoulders, Claire had tripped over. Thornton had leaned over her body screaming of lust, hair of webbed curls that flowed over his arm, as he gently lifted her head. Claire struggled to fight off his vintage breath that singed her hair, as he cuddled her, with moisture from his hand, that sweated her body .


Thornton refused her regetion, of pulling away and shoving him off, My princess; don't fight me, "as he said angrily!"

soulmate- Captive

Mrs. Wallington is here with me, she was here when I had arrived, we found mud on the floor in between the furniture, and on the couch, "Sebastian had explained."


Therefore, officer Noble followed behind Sebastian as they made they're way back up to Claire's cottage. You men stay outside and search the surrounding areas of the lake, especially around the cottage, "officer Noble ordered."


As officer Noble and Sebastian stood by the lake, flashlights lit like torches reflecting off the murky smog waters as the hired men went about. Officer Noble had reached down, as Sebastian held his flashlight downward towards the soiled findings of a switchblade, half way sticking out of the mud.


Well what do we have here, "as their eyes grew alarmingly", as hesitation flooded their thoughts.

Out the glass doors, down the steps, shouting ranting of an elder's voice, 

"What happened to our Claire", as Gene fell to her knees; crashing into officer Noble's muddy boots face down.

soulmate- Captive

Now come, sit down, drink your tea Gene, I'll finish cleaning up the mud and broken china.
Gene had been sobbing throughout her drinking of the tea, as Sebastian swept away into the dustpan.

After Sebastian had walked over to the sliding glass door, while looking out across the smog lake that filled the skyline.
What do you see, tell me, "anxiously waited Gene?"
I see flashlights heading this way, let me see, sit; I will go check this out Gene, as Sebastian went running down the steps of stone.

Gene had gotten up from the dining room table, as her shaky cup of tea had dribbled down the front of her shirt. "Oh shoot", as she ran to the kitchen, to clean herself...

What are you doing down at the lake at this hour Mr. Sir Montgomery, "questioned officer Noble,  with armed men?"
I thought you had gone home after leaving the police station, and to find you here, officer Noble stated.
I decided to come over to Claire's instead, I was hoping to find more answers to her disappearing, "Sebastian answered."

soulmate- Captive

What are you doing crawling all over the floor, "Gene asked, as she entered the living room?"


I was picking up the broken pieces of the cup, and came across this, it's even on the couch. Don't use a broom, your bound to smear it all over the fabric, "Gene spoke." I wasn't about to Gene, I was going to sweep in between the furniture, "as Sebastian responded sternly." 


Where do you think this came from, Maybe when you were here the day you had a scuffle with the intruder, "Gene had asked?"


What's with all the questions, I don't know, probably the night before Claire was taken. Remember Claire had claimed someone was here in the cottage, and ran off into the woods, the night she phoned me before the day of our wedding; or do you not recall, "Sebastian explained in a agitated voice?" 


It must have slipped my mind. I do remember her coming into the dress shop, while putting her wedding gown on that morning, as she tried to tell me, "Gene responded." Claire was trying to tell me that someone had come in from the glass sliding doors, Yet I forced out the dress shop, to the alter...

Oh my dear, I should of listened to her, it's all my fault, "Gene cried!"

No its not Mrs. Wallington, you couldn't have known, as he hugged her, while wiping her tears with the cuff of his sleeve.




Thursday, July 25, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Would you like to join me in a cup of tea, it's one of Claire's favorites, Peach. Sebastian sat on the chaise lounge, while Gene walked over, as the aroma of peach flavored tea filled the china. Thank you for sitting with me, now a days since Claire has gone, My days are spent at the dress shop with my sewing of dress making, waiting for Claire to come waltzing in; with her vibrant smile, and her tales of fantasy.


Oh my dear, I do believe her fantasies' this time have turned into reality, "Sebastian replied hastily!" Our Claire has been gone to long, my love wouldn't play such a childish game, or toy with me, not like this; as Sebastian threw down the cup, splattering the saucer onto the tile.


No reason to get in such rage Sir Montgomery, sit I'll clean it up, let me go get a broom, "Mrs. Wallington suggested."


Sebastian began to gather the broken splintered china along the baseboard, he had noticed there had been mud next to the coffee table. There were trails of mud in between the table and couch, tousled amongst the throw pillows.       

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Sebastian had turned off the vehicle, as he coasted along side the lake, as he quietly existed the car door, leaving it a jarred. Sneaking his way across the grass, up the three stoned steps to the glass door of Claire's cottage. He noticed a shadow come closer to the curtains, as he ducked down side of the steps. The curtains had opened and closed quickly.

Sebastian made his way through a cracked side window of the cottage, in the bathroom.
Gently closing and locking the window from behind, he then crept his way through the bedroom, which led into the bedroom. He took off his shoes, so they wouldn't clank against the tile floor, through the foyer, to enter the living room. He could her whistling of teapot coming from the kitchen. Sebastian quickly rushed in with fists clutched in the air, ready to fight off the intruder.

For goodness sake, you scared the life out of me, as she swung a pan at his head, as he stopped it in time from knocking him upside the head.

What are you doing here Mrs. Wallington, I thought you went home, "Sebastian questioned?"

I just had to come by and see if Claire had left a message on the answering machine, "Gene surprisingly answered!" So I thought I'd fix a spot of tea, while praying for her to call or come back to the cottage, as Gene quivered.
What are you doing back, and sneaking around the back, like a thief in the night?

I  decided to come here and search the cottage for any force of struggle, any clues of that night from the intruder, "Sebastian had explained."
I saw a light on from the side of the road along the lake, coming from the back of Claire's cottage, so I stopped and parked about 100 feet away, and snuck through the bathroom window, "Thornton responded."

The bathroom window had been unlocked, "asked Gene?"
Yes, how else do you think I got in Claire's, "Sebastian stated."

soulmate- Captive

Claire kneed Thornton in the groin, as she fled through the living room to the bar. Pouring a shot of Amaretto liquor on the rocks, from behind the bar; avoiding the shattered glass on the floor, beside the café table.


Thrusting his way into the parlor, Thornton with drool upon his chinned face of anger, "Why Claire, he questioned?" 

How could you leave me in such rage, "as he smacked his hands down on the bar!"


Stay away, as she stood there with the front of her dress undone, don't make me throw this glass at you Thornton. You bitch, as he came across the bar snatching the glass from out of her hands. Give that back to me, "Claire hollered?"

If you stop acting like a child, and be nice, stop fighting me Claire, "Thornton abruptly replied."


Claire and Thornton left from behind the bar, carrying her away from the broken glass, he then placed her on her feet in the living room. The fireplace lit up her eyes, desperately staying away from the lust that had been building between the two.

Here, has he blanketed her with a knitted wool, as Claire shivered in front of the fireplace.




soulmate- Captive

She had unlocked her lips with Thornton, "No I can't do this, as Claire began to struggle out of Thornton's manly arms."


Claire, I want you, grabbing her closer to his chest of iron walls of seductiveness. Thornton cradling her as he ran his hand across her bare shoulders of tiny beads of heat, down her neck, kissing her breast line. Saliva driblets showered across her chest, her heart was beating of intensity from being aroused by his touch of kisses that trembled through out.


Don't fight it Claire, as he pushed her down onto the cold wooden café table, knocking the wine glasses to the floor. Claire fighting every inch of the way, to get Thornton off her.

Thornton grabbed her by the wrists, "Ouch your hurting me Claire shouted!"

Thornton then picked her up with one swoop up in the air, carrying her over to the living room, lying on the Chesterfield in front of the fireplace.


Stop, get off me while shoving and kicking Thornton's sensuous body, "Claire argued."

Thornton raised his hand, as if to smack Claire, "Yet he held back, embracing her body to his. "Oh my Claire, I will never let Sebastian have you," as he began to fondle her hair, that smelled of lily lavender on a summers day.

Claire looked at him with hatred in her eyes, while she got lost in his domineering way with her.Their lips locked, he started to untie the lace straps that were across her chest.

His lips upon her breast...Claire trying not to give into temptation, of sexual desires that filled her quivering body.

soulmate- Captive

Then Claire reached over the café table, while drinking his glass of wine, that sat before him.


See, I told you it wasn't drugged with a sedative, Yet you do need to be careful, "Thornton quoted."

Remember the antibiotic's I gave you earlier for your infection, are still in your system, You could have a reaction of feeling dizzy, "Thornton explained."


I don't care, fill it up again, I need to feel numb from being here; I want my Sebastian, as she chugged down another glass of chardonnay.

Claire began to stand up and walk about towards the windows to look out. As she looked off into the night fog, she said, I know my Sebastian will come; he'll find me, I just know it.


Thornton had walked over by Claire's side, while clutching his hand into hers. My princess, my love, Nonsense with your foolish thinking, "Thornton replied"; as he pushed her into his arms, as sexual notions aroused. Thornton pressed his mouth on her velvet wine tasting lips, merging into a locked kiss.

Claire tried to release herself from his hold, Yet she was engaged in a sensual captivating kiss of lust.  

soulmate- Rapture

The sound of heels that clanked down the staircase, the reflection of an image in Thornton's eyes, dressed in a flowing dress, laced around her voluptuous body of olive skinned beauty. Ruby red lips of velvet, a scarf of curled hair that draped her shoulders, like a cape.

Come my princess, my vision of beauty, sit at the café table, While pouring Claire a glass of chardonnay. Claire's overwhelmingly anxious gaze, as she stared at the fixings of a romantic dining table, set for two.


I have prepared a very romantic night for us, "Thornton expressed." Please drink the wine Mrs. Androusey, "Thornton demanded in a hastily matter."


No, you probably put a sedative drug in it, while she shoved the wine glass towards Thornton. 


Claire, I will drink the glass of wine to prove you wrong, "Thornton replied."

As he began gulping it down, she could hear the consumption like a galloping horse echoed the ears of her mind.