Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

Francis Claire's brother, comes back from the grocery store, after have left the police station, what happens when he finds Thornton by Claire's cottage, meanwhile, what causes Gene's heart attack; and will Mrs. Wallington, Claire's seamstress survive?


soulmate- The Investigation

I'll be back in a while, Claire's upstairs dressing for tonight. 

Keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't run or else?

No sir, I'll be make sure of that, Gerald promised. 

Remember you are not to say anything to her about anything, especially about me drugging her. 

Thornton had warned Gerald, as he slipped out the front door.

soulmate- The Investigation

Ring a ling...ring a ling..ling ling,
Androusey residence, Gerald speaking, how may I help you?

This is me, can you talk, not at the moment, and you shouldn't be calling me here, Gerald had whispered.
I'll call you tomorrow, from an outside line, as the phone went click on the other end.

Thornton had been listening from the upstairs line, little did Gerald know.

I'll meet you downstairs for supper my dear, as he turned away from Claire's view. 

Thornton ran downstairs, unplugging the phone from the outlet.

soulmate-.The Investigation

Claire had been preparing for supper that evening, incomes walking Thornton unannounced.

You startled me, you should have knocked first, "Claire stated!"

Why should I knock, you're my wife, now get dressed my princess, "Thornton responded."

Stop calling me that, yet, she had this peculiar look in her eyes, as she glanced across the room, from the bathroom.


soulmate- The Investigation

I cannot tell you, but I can tell you this dear, Mr. Androusey always gets what he wants, not this time "Gerald quoted!"

What does that mean, maybe I ought to tell him when he comes out of the shower, she threatened?

I don't think so Ms.Claire, otherwise I'll have to tell Thornton you tried to run.It be wise to keep this to ourselves don't you think, as he let loose of her wrist.

Claire kept pleading for answers, just when Thornton made a surprise entrance into the kitchen...


Why aren't you upstairs showering for dinner my princess, what do you want from Gerald?She was asking me not to put mint jelly on her plate of Duck, she doesn't like it sir, Gerald explained.Thank you Gerald, as Claire exits to bathe for dinner.

soulmate- The Investigation

Traveling back through the fortress, silence between the two.

Entering through the parlor door, good evening Mr. and Mrs. Androusey, what should I fix for supper this evening, Gerald asked?

We will have roasted Duck this evening, Thornton suggested, has he entered the downstairs bathroom to shower.


What are you up to Gerald, Claire whispered, as she watched for Thornton?
How come you won't help me, what's in this charade for you, "Claire questioned", with a look of discouragement?

soulmate- The Investigation

Poisoned by the enemy is what she felt, surrounded by revenge, was her inner thoughts, Claire fell spell bound.

Yet, she knew to stay clear of the truth. 

Her only love had become a distant shade of memory, not forgotten.

As they lay in a fetal position, Thornton knowingly deceived maliciously, his only conquer was where he lay, manipulating Claire, for his own selfish reasons.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

They began to blanket themselves, soaring with passion, rustling through the leaves.
Moans of pleasure echoed throughout, they're moisten beaded sweat of bodies entwined.

Claire had called out Sebastian's name in the heat of the moment!
Shush, as he placed his left clammy hand over her mouth of velvet sensuous lips.
Its just you and I Claire, destiny my child, Thornton whispered her ear.
You must learn to live and accept this marriage, I can love you more than Sebastian could ever, convincing his ego.

Thornton began to release his hand, caressing long luscious brown hair of curl, that captured her face of splendor, thirsty for more.


soulmate- The Investigation

Pulling her close with arms of steel, you could sense the tension between the two, as their lips met.


Fighting the resistance of pleasure, that grew within.

Thornton pulled back on Claire's hair, as his lips showered her neck with kisses of raging lust on her olive skin.
Claire tried fighting off what she had felt, yet the temptation was too irresistible to overcome.

The two had went off hand in hand, as they headed to walk about through the fortress.

soulmate- The Investigation

Swiftly rushing back to the table, Claire had tripped.


My goodness dear, what do we have here, what happened to you, asked Thornton?
Were you listening to our conversation, that's a far stretch from your chair my darling, as Thornton reached down, clutching Claire's hand, back up to her feet.

No I was not, and I do not appreciate you calling me Mrs. Androusey, while tearing her hand away from his.
I had gotten up and I took a look over by the lake, and on my way back to the table dear, I tripped on my dress, "she explained."
So what's wrong with Gerald, what did he have to say to you, wondering if he had mentioned that they knew each other?

Nothing to be concerned, sit have you scraped your knee, lifting of the dress.
Claire swatted his hand, I don't need your help, I can take care of it myself, her voice filled with sarcasm.

soulmate- The Investigation

What could be so important for you to interrupt our breakfast, as Thornton's eyebrows begun to flare?

Sir, a lieutenant Garden had stopped by while you were eating your breakfast. Asking me questions about Ms.Campton your cleaning lady.

He asked me to give you a message, They found Ms. Campton's body along with her car, across the lake in the wooded area, "Gerald had explained."


What else, why are you shaking, Thornton questioned?

I told them you had went out of town on business, and didn't know, thats all, as a look of fear draped his face.

Claire doesn't need to know this, keep a lid on it Gerald, "Thornton demanded!"

It will be our secret sir, yet Gerald was just playing along, he had something up his sleeve, in his wicked mind of leverage...?

soulmate- The Investigation

Starring the guilty, I still don't believe your words, hostility filled her voice of anger.

We are not going to discuss this matter anymore, Thornton firmly grasping her by the wrist...

Excuse me Mr. Androusey, may I have a word with you sir, Gerald walked over, it's a matter of great importance.

Thornton stood up, graciously kissing Claire's hand, I'll be back Mrs. Androusey.

Claire was curious to know amongst the two. Slowly tip toeing, as she listened in from behind the parlor door.


soulmate- The Investigation

Birds chirping, the smell of morning coffee, followed by English breakfast in morning dew.

Are you enjoying our breakfast my love, as Thornton reached over and  grazed a peck on Claire's cheek.

Its so nice that you and I have consummated the marriage, Thornton expressed.

Speaking of last night, how come some parts of the evening are a blur, and I don't remember, "Claire questioned?"

My love, we had a beautiful evening dinner, too much vintage my dear. You had drank a whole bottle of wine last night Claire, don't you remember that, Thornton explained.