Friday, August 23, 2013

Soul Mate preview: Captive

What happens next with Claire, will she give into temptation, and what does uncle Robert and Sebastian find along the lake that's so haunting to their past; While Francis gets an unexpected surprise, has he settles into Claire's?


soulmate- Captive

I thought you were taking me to your special place, "Claire asked?"

I'm taking you back to the cabin right now, "Thornton responded." Why is that, I'm tired of sitting in the cabin, I want to be free, "Claire replied!"

I can't have you acting up like this, making a fool out of me, Everytime I try to love you Claire, you undermine me . I've tried my best to treat you with care and affection, Yet, you still defy me.

Sooner or later, you will consummate this marriage, you better understand that, conduct yourself like a lady that you are, as he carried her halfway backup to the cabin.


soulmate- Captive

Why did you go ahead and do something like that,"angrily shouted Thornton!"

I want my Sebastian, Claire began to cry out loud.

Thornton had grabbed a hold of her, you better get used of living here with me, and accept this marriage, as he pulled her up onto her feet.

My feet are swollen and full of blisters of sores, "Claire spoke with sarcasm." 

Listen you are my wife, I showed you the marriage certificate, now come with me, as she dragged her feet with every step of blistering pain.

Soulmate- Captive

Thornton gently placed Claire down on the grassy area. She could feel his body trembling, with beads of sweat, that covered his cold moistened hands.

Thornton had then taken his soiled shirt off, as he wiped his forehead, from the heat that filled sky of smog. Claire stared at his well defined masculinity, covered throughout his hair of chest .

I'm thirsty, what are we supposed to drink, "Claire complained in panic!"

Thornton had sat beside her, as he locked his lips upon hers, smothering her every moan of denial.

Claire had bitten him, piercing his bottom lip, that penetrated her lustihood.

"Ouch he hollered." as a thin stream of blood flowed down his chin.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Soulmate- Captive

I have to sit down, we've been walking for quite some time, "Claire suggested." Its not much further my love, Mrs. Androusey," Thornton remarked!"

Don't call me by that name, "I will never be your wife", she said with resistance. I'm too tired to walk anymore, Claire stated. I'll carry you then my dear.


Thornton swooped her delicate body from the grassy field of green, that surrounded her blistered feet; as he intimately held her in his arms of steel. 


soulmate- Captive

Thornton reframed from kissing Claire's voluptuous pink lips, as his eyes leered down the breast seam of her dress.

"Stop gawking, I can feel your eyes upon me," as she felt his sweaty palm of grip around hers, Claire urged. Where are we walking to, "she asked?" 

We are going to walk through the woods to a special place of mine, Thornton answered, as he stopped and looked into her raging eyes of passion.

What's so special about this place, and why should I even care, "she disputed?"

You ask too many questions, just walk, "Thornton had demanded"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

soulmate- Captive

I can't believe, who would want to hurt Claire, as sadness filled Raymond's voice.

I have hired a team of men to escort the Manchester Police Dept., as Sebastian introduced his uncle Robert. 

This is my uncle Robert Harris Montgomery, Attorney, PA out of Blackpool, England. Nice to meet you Sir Robert Montgomery, as they inserted a handshake.

Please call me uncle Robert, no need to be so formal, I've come on behalf of Claire's search, and support my nephew of bewilder.

Raymond then had gotten into the van and drove off heading to the morgue, while Sebastian and uncle Robert kept searching along the lake.

Officer Noble and officer Cathcart had gotten dispatched back to the car accident on 3rd and Manchester road. 

I'll go back said officer Noble, while you take the evidence bags down to the police station, as he reached into his satchel, while transferring the bag over to officer Cathcart.


soulmate- Captive

The corner had arrived, another homicide down by the lake, do you think this is connected to the body found 2 months ago, "Raymond, the corner had asked?"

Don't know yet, until further investigation, "replied officer Noble."

Raymond had placed Ms. Campton into a body bag, and inserted her into the van, to take to the morgue. 
Did you hear about Claire Atkin's disappearance, "asked Sebastian?"Yes, I heard and seen the ransom in the newspaper, something about Sir Montgomery, and so to be bride Claire Atkin's.



soulmate- Captive

 In the serrated marks of the cut off on the remains of the finger attached to the bone, You see this brown orange colored like dirt formed around the edges of the layer of skin, take a scraping; it has metal flake of rust within the layers of cut, "Robert responded."

Officer Cathcart and officer Noble, took a sample of the skin, and inserted it into another plastic bag of evidence into their police satchel. 

I bet this matches the serrated knife that we find out behind Claire's cottage, along the lake, the Sergeant quoted.

Therefore, Sergeant Fitzgerald and Lieutenant Gardner, we're headed back to the police station, while officer Noble dispatched for a corner to pick up the corpse,of Ms.Campton.