Friday, October 4, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

What does Thornton find out, when he sees Gerald and Claire talking, while Claire's brother Francis stumbles upon meeting Thornton, behind Claire's cottage?


soulmate- The Investigation

Well I won't take up anymore of your time, said the lieutenant.

I'll be sure to tell Mr. Androusey that you called on him, as Gerald saw him to his vehicle.

soulmate- The Investigation

I'm Gerald the Butler, the groundskeeper, as they shook hands.

Mr. Androusey has went on a trip.

Do you know where he went, "questioned lieutenant Gardner?"

I never question him officer, he rang me two days ago, ask me to look after the cabin, "Gerald had explained."

What is this about lieutenant, if I may ask?

It concerns his old housekeeper Ms.Campton, do you know of her, "asked the lieutenant?"

I do officer, very nice lady, Gerald commented.

We have found her body along with her car, and wanted to update Mr. Androusey, seeing that she worked for him, "said the lieutenant!"

I didn't know she was missing what happened, said Gerald.

soulmate- The Investigation

Ding dong...ding dong...ding dong, the doorbell chimed throughout the dwelling.

Gerald ran through the parlor door, flushed with beads of sweat running down the back of his neck.

With the opening of the front door, Good day to you sir, how may help you, "asked Gerald the Butler?"

I was looking to speak with Mr. Androusey, lieutenant Gardner asked?

He's not in right now, may I be of  assistance to you, "enquired Gerald?"


soulmate- Captive

I believe you, as Thornton released her.

Remember what I told you, you are never to speak with him in private, or about us, otherwise you know what will happen.

They both began to get dressed to head downstairs for breakfast.

Smells delightful, doesn't it dear, Why of course, "Claire mentioned."

I have set you up on such a glorious day, as Gerald escorted them outdoors, through the parlor.


soulmate- Captive

Thornton just gazed into Claire's big green eyes, as he picked her up, over to the bed.


My sweet Claire, what were you speaking to Gerald about?

She was confused, yet, not fooled...

I had no idea that he was downstairs, ran into him in the kitchen.

Then... trying to push him away, and then you walked in, "she replied."

Thornton pulled back on her hair, as his hands followed her every resistance of fight.

soulmate- Captive

Gerald had begun preparing Eggs Benedict, while Thornton headed upstairs to go check up on Claire.

Opening the door slowly, peering in between the edge of the door, Claire had been dressing.

I was wondering what was taking you so long, as the bedroom door closed behind.

I remember laughing at you last night, and you pawing all over me, "Claire had mentioned."

She tried to exit the bedroom, when...

Listen my love, as he held her by the chin of face, we will not speak of this matter anymore, as their lips locked.

Passion filled the room, ripping her dress off, taking her to the floor, as she engaged, smothered by Thornton's control.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

soulmate- Captive

What did she say to you while I was upstairs, what did you tell her, "questioned Thornton?"

I didn't say anything to her... I tell her nothing Thornton, "Gerald responded", with fear in his tone.

She entered the kitchen looking for something to eat, I swear!

You don't speak to me ever by my first name, it's Mr. Androusey from here on, even when were alone, as he let go of Gerald's arm.

Now fix some breakfast before Claire comes down, demanded Thornton, "slapping his hand down on the countertop!"

soulmate- Captive

I see you have started breakfast without me, "Thornton stated!"

No sir Mr.Androusey, I was just asking Mrs. Androusey what I should fix for breakfast, "Gerald responded."

I was hungry so I came down to fix me bite to eat, "Claire had explained."

Why that's what Gerald is here for, Claire you go get dressed for breakfast, Thornton suggested.

I believe a shower before, as Claire headed through the living room up the staircase.


soulmate- Captive

Towel drying off, Thornton had thought to himself, Could I have gotten away with the most perfect plan, as it dazzled his mind?

Claire he called out, my love shall we  have some breakfast, noticing she had left the room.

Thornton quickly had gotten dressed, anxiously running downstairs!

Morning me Fair Lady, Mrs. Androusey, "Gerald greeted."

Stop right there Gerald, we both know that you and I know each other, "Claire whispered."

soulmate- Captive

As the water pinged against the shower, Thornton lathered with a slight yawn.


Claire sat at the foot of the bed, as  darkness filtered her mind of emptiness, as her stomach growled with hunger.

She couldn't quite put the pieces together, as she quickly put on a long robe she had taken out of the closet, as her feet fitted the slippers.

Off she went to head downstairs to fetch some food.



soulmate- Captive

Thornton leaning towards Claire, my dear, don't remember our wonderful dinner, followed by our enchanting night as husband and wife, as he moved in to lie beside her naked skin.

Her eyes in surprise as she glanced over to look the guilty in the eyes.

I remember us having dinner and cocktails, Gerald serving us, then arguing with you, "Claire spoke," and she wiped off the sleep from her eyes.

Thornton how did we end up here in bed together, I would never... she uttered!

Shoosh my princess, no nonsense this morning, the marriage has been consummated, You are officially Mrs. Claire Androusey, as he left a bedside entering the bathroom.

soulmate- Captive

Fondling the long silky hair, tasseled across the neckline, Claire had awoke.The haze that stare her vision, as Thorntons face came too.

She could taste bittersweet while swallowing, as she breathed in her thoughts of question?

Thornton slowly sat up, as he gently brushed her cheek with a kiss. 

Morning love, did you sleep well, "Thornton asked?"

Claire rolled over to the other side of the bed, tightly clinging to the sheet, a pause had filled her mouth, What are you doing in my bed, "she asked?"