Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

How does Claire deal with, when she founds out Thornton drugged her wine, and what does Gerald, the butler reveal, while Thornton plans?


soulmate- Captive

Claire stood up and swung her left hand around to smack Thornton upside the head, as he grabbed her by the arm.

You stupid idiot for saying such nonsense about Sebastian, she felt faint, and collapsed onto the floor, crying and laughing at Thornton...

Thornton dropped to his knees and picked up Claire from the wooden floor, "while she laughed in his face." 

He threw her laughing behind onto the bed, while he smothered her voluptuous body with raging fire of passion within in his manner.


The room began to fade in an out, as she felt the sensation of lips licking the salt tears off her breasts.Thornton looked up at Claire, to make sure she was alright.
As he squeezed her face, and he began delicately kissing her on the lips of wine.Thornton had been in control, knowing he had drugged her.
Claire tried getting away, yet she couldn't release from his hold, while lying beneath his masculinity of steel.
There they lay making love, as he slipped off her dress, and his clothes onto the floor.
Oh my Claire, penetrating her flow of nectar, he whispered in her ear, "How I longed for this day to come, my sweet."
Claire then kissed Thornton back, as their legs entwined of sexual emotions.

soulmate- Captive

Claire had been sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking to herself, How could I have been so foolish to have cheated on my Sebastian, as she cried.


Thornton had entered in full throttle, "Why did you run away from me, my love, as he stood over her?"

No need to shed tears my dear...

I am crying because of my behavior outside, how could I have cheated on my Sebastian, as her tears ran down her cleavage.

My dear Claire, Mrs. Androusey, he hasn't even looked for you, you must move on, "Thornton said."Handing her the vintage to her lips, Claire had guzzled the glass of wine, "I want more she ranted!"

Claire slow down, before you get to drunk. Don't tell me what to do, as she grabbed the bottle of Chardonnay, out of Thornton's left hand.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had gotten up off the grass taken the vintage of crystal glasses, and went back into the cabin, lock and key.

Thornton had went back into the downstairs bathroom medicine cabinet, "the bloody shit's mate, you startled me, spoke Gerald from behind!"


What are you doing,"asked Gerald the butler, while he walked in on Thornton slipping something into the wine?" 

None of your business, I'll be out of here in a minute, go back to your room, "angrily spoken,with a crinkle in between his eyebrows,Thornton!" 

Gerald headed back to his room,while Thornton headed to Claire's room, through the living room.

soulmate- Captive

"Shatter"... as the glass slipped from her hand, wrapping both arms around his neck.
Thornton ravishing every moment of longing lust,filtered his loins, while wrapped in Claire's hair around his face. 

The intensity had built between the two, the splendor of the grass, where they lay. Thornton had kneeled on his right elbow, as his left hand fondled her lips down her cleavage of dress line.

Claire wrestling with moans, calling out for Sebastian...

I can't do this, as she ran up to the back door, through the parlor up the stairs. 

soulmate- Captive

Claire wasn't sure what she was thinking or feeling, yet she still tried to push off Thornton. 

He cradled her face with his left hand pulling her closer to his lips.

Claire had shrugged him off and stood up, as she walked about, steadily at the moon.

The wind carried her scent of lavender lilies, that she had plucked from the garden.

Thornton had gotten up and walked over to Claire with vintage at hand, caressing her skin of silk, placing one of the lilies in her hair behind the left ear lobe.

She just looked up with alluring eyes, as he placed the glass of Chardonnay in her right hand.

What a beautiful night, the evening air flowing through her hair, engaged by the shimmering light of reflection in her green eyes of water, as a tear wept down the right cheek of her face.

I know you're sad Claire, but this is your new life my love, I will love you more than Sebastian could, as their lips locked in a french kiss. Mad passion had come across her lips, while Thornton bit her tongue.

Ouch...she squealed!

Thornton held her tightly to his chest, eagerly kissing Claire's neck of breast, as she willingly gave in. 


soulmate- Captive

Would you like me to me fix you a small plate of food,"asked Thornton?" No I'm alright, I would like some more wine, and I'd like to go sit outside for a while, Claire suggested.

Thornton kneeled down by her side, Clarie whatever you want my love, as both their hands locked,while they walked towards the back door, through the parlor.

What happened to Gerald, after serving our dinner, Claire had inquired? Gerald, is staying in the guest room, he will be here full time, "Thornton replied." 

He is hired help, so you my queen, don't have to do the cooking nor the cleaning, as he embraced her in his arms of masculinity.

soulmate- Captive

As he made his entrance, are you feeling any better, what's wrong...what happened, hammering her with questions?

I had taken a sip of wine as I was looking out staring at the moon, how it glistened across the rippled water. My stomach felt a little queasy, and then the room kind of spun around, "Claire explained."

I'm glad you're feeling better, maybe you drink the wine too fast, you really didn't eat that much at dinner, Thornton mentioned.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton walked over to help Claire, as she went to walk, Thornton picked Claire off her feet, Carrying her back into the living room.

What are you doing, why are you carrying me, stop put me down,
"she uttered!"

I am only trying to help, well I don't need your help, they argued.

Claire sat on the Davenport, while Thornton brought her a glass of water from the kitchen. 

Please bring my wine glass back with you,"Claire shouted across the living room!"