Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soul Mate Preview, 2morro on Sunday:

Claire and Thornton experience the ravishing storm of passionate intense love, how does Claire respond to being drugged again,Yet, what is Claire hiding the truth about Gerald the butler?


soulmate- Captive

Claire began to walk by the windows, staring out, as the blare of the crescent moon hovered over the lake, has dusk set in.

Thornton had brought the Chardonnay over, and topped off Claire's vintage. 

What are you staring at, "questioned Thornton?"

I'm gazing at the shimmering of light, as her vision became impaired, feeling woozy.

I need to sit down, as she slowly walked over to the cafe table.


soulmate- Captive

Thornton had pulled away from Claire, as he went an sat on the Chesterfield, just leering at Claire.Claire had picked up the wine, began pouring herself another vintage.

Toying with my emotions again I see, "said Thornton?"

No I am not, I find you very desirable, Yet my love for Sebastian will never go away, "she explained."

I love you Claire, and in time you will learn to love me, like you love Sebastian, as hostility filled the room of dwelling.

soulmate- Captive

You could hear the clanking of high heels, as they fetched themselves down the staircase, entering the living room.                                                        

My love Claire, as chills tingled throughout, with the sound of his voice, I missed you, as his hands tightly hugged her slender shapely waist.

Nonsense lad, sit over there on the Chesterfield, " suggested Claire", firmly stated! Thornton swooped in, as Claire shoved him away, and kissed her to shut her up.

The lips I love to kiss, gently made its way down her neck to her cleavage. Giving into temptation, Claire fought not to feel what she had been feeling.

soulmate- Captive

I have loved you for so long Claire, how I waited to be here with you, making love together, "Thornton had shared."

That will never happen Thornton, this marriage is a fake, my love for Thornton will never die, As Claire got up to use the lavatory upstairs.

Thornton silenced by her words of harsh unloving feelings towards him. He then had gotten up and went into the guest bathroom across from Gerald's bedroom, opening the medicine cabinet, reaching for a pharmaceutical bottle.

Thornton rushed back into the living room before Claire had come down.

Slipping and opening the capsule into Claire's wine of crystal.

soulmate- Captive

Claire tried fighting her inner sexual feelings of temptation, as she pushed Thornton off. Stop, I cannot do this, I want my Sebastian, as Claire got up from the table, and headed for the living room.

Thornton had gotten up from the table, while carrying the vintage of wine.Claire sat down on the Davenport, as the wine quenched her thirst of Thornton's kisses, upon her voluptuous stained lips of more... Thornton went to sit beside Claire, reeking of her scent all over him. He's dreamy eyes roamed her body, like a thief in the night.

soulmate- Captive

With the clinging of the glasses, as good cheer passed across the table, Thornton had placed the crystal wine glass down before him. He then reached over and had grabbed Claire by the neck, as he caressed her olive skin of silk.

Slowly his right hand entwined with her long luscious brown curls of hair, as the green eyes flickered, from the touch of his hand. He couldn't resist her scent that filled his loins with emotion of sexual desire.  

Claire just gazed into Thornton's big brown eyes of rage intensified, lingering with passion.

Thornton suddenly wrapped his lips around Claire's drenched lips of wine.

The kiss was intense, as Thornton pulled back on her hair, rose petal kisses draped her neck, he could feel her desire of wanting more.