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Soul Mate, Captive Preview:

What could Claire be hiding from Thornton, about Gerald the butler, while Sebastian and uncle Robert search by the lake, will any evidence lead to the murderer of Ms.Campton?


soulmate- Captive

Thornton had went back outside on the back patio to bring Claire back in.

Come Mrs. Androusey, don't call me that I'll never be your wife, shush, Remember what I explained to you earlier, while you were upstairs bathing, as he pulled Claire by the arm. You will learn to accept being my wife around Gerald, otherwise I will kill both of you.
Thornton had set Claire down at the dining room table.
You must be famished by now, Gerald as prepared us a beautiful dinner this evening.

Claire observed the tables dressings, as her stomach echoed of hunger pains.Smells delicious, as she lifted the cover up from her plate, her mouth started to water.

Pop... as the wine swished around in the wine glass, down the esophagus, with a sigh of enjoyment. 

Nothing like a fine wine to go with dinner, as Thornton poured Claire a glass of chardonnay.

Did you put any sleep aids or drugs in the wine or food, as sarcasm fell from her mouth.

No I did not Claire, eat your supper, drink and enjoy my love, with the clinking of their glasses.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had went back into the parlor, stepped up to the bar and had a few words with Gerald. I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to keep staring at Clare, now I understand, she's a real beaut, Thornton.
Don't call me by my name, always refer to me to as Mr. Androusey, don't want Claire knowing that we know each other, "Thornton had explained."

I want you to finish up, then take a bottle of whatever you want to drink,and go to your room for the night.

Ok will do, see I prepared for you is served on the dining room table.

What did you make, "asked Thornton?"

I made bangers and mash potatoes. I also left a bottle of white Camel Chardonnay Brut next to your place setting, with two wine glasses.                                                                                      

Smells delightful, splendid, Claire will love it, "Thornton responded!"
I'm pleased that you're happy sir, I leave you now, see you in the morning.
Goodnight and thank you, have a nice evening, "Thornton replied."

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had come from behind the bar, and took a hold of Claire's hand, and walked her outside to the back porch.

Are you flirting with Gerald, are you trying to put me in rage, as he held Claire close to his chest?

No Thornton, I was just ordering a drink and acting like you ask me too, as she tried to break his grip of hold.You sit, I'll go grab our cocktails, don't move, he said in high pitched voice. 

Let go of me, "you're hurting me Thornton, in a squeal!" 

Thornton had taking his hands off of  Claire's waist.

I'll be right on the other side of this door, do not try to run, remember what I told you earlier. 

Claire sat there trembling, as she awaits for Thornton's return.


soulmate intermission:

Chapters 3 and 4 are being reformatted to:

Chapter 3 which was Captive, is now Rapture.
Chapter 4 which was Rapture, is now Captive.
Editing as to be precisely done when formatting a book.

soulmate marathon will resume right after the update.
Thank you to my audience of viewers,
Keepamericaheard Maria Catania

soulmate- Captive

Thornton looked over at Gerald, I'll have a Canadian Club on the rocks,  with a stern face. Gerald stared over at Claire, as he placed Thornton's cocktail down.

Thornton had gotten up and walked over to Gerald whispering, " Why do you keep staring at my wife, asked Thornton, tightly gripping his arm?" I...I just find... your wife to be...a very beautiful woman, "stuttered Gerald!"

Just serve the drinks and dinner, that is your job, then go to your room I prepared for you, "angrily spoke Thornton." 

Do I sense some hostility with you Mr. Androusey, didn't mean to upset you sir, as Gerald went about his business.

soulmate- Captive

Claire had come down to join Thornton in the parlor.
Thornton stood up and greeted her, I'd like to introduce you to, my beautiful wife Mrs.Claire Androusey. Gerald the Butler turned around and kissed Claire on the hand, a look of surprise, appeared on her face.

Very enchanting Mr. Androusey,"complemented Gerald." 

She sure is a stunning one, as Thornton leaned in, and gave Claire a peck on the cheek.The scent of her hair and skin always captured his thirst of love for her.

Claire just seem to stare at Gerald, completely astonished, as she  nudged Thornton.

What would you like me to serve you to drink, Gerald asked Claire? I'll have an Amaretto on the rocks, with a side of ice, " she replied."

soulmate- Captive

What do you mean asked Francis, I don't understand what you're speaking of ?
Earlier this morning we found Ms.  Campton's body along with her vehicle, on her left hand, She's missing her index finger, "explained officer Cathcart."
She had been thrown from her vehicle, or may have been dragged from her car.
Now you say you found this in Claire's dresser drawer, "questioned officer Cathcart?"
Yes, Mrs.Wallington and I had been over to Claire's cottage while I was settling in- putting me garments away, that's when I found the finger, "Francis replied."
Why was Mrs.Wallington doing over there, asked the officer?
She came by to help with the fresh linens and have a spot of tea while settling in, "respond Francis."
The reason I ask is she hasn't been feeling her ole' self since Claire's missing, she doesn't know yet about us finding Ms. Camptin's bost.
Please fill her in, update her on what's going on,shared officer Cathcart.
Sure will and keep me informed as well Francis stated as he exited the police station doors swiftly!

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Captive marathon- will cont. 2morro, because of technical glitch, 1 sneak preview:

To my audience of viewers, soulmate marathon cannot continue 2nite, due to Blogger, Facebook, and Google Chrome's along with Google+ upgrades of merging. 

Stay tuned for updates:

What surprises Claire about butler Gerald Cunningham, and will it be revealed to Thornton?

soulmate- Captive

Gene stayed behind an rested at Claire's cottage.

Meanwhile, Francis took off to head towards the Manchester Police Station, to meet with Sergeant Fitzgerald.

I want to speak with Sergeant Fitzgerald or Lieutenant Gardner, with his raspy voice, "asked Francis?"

What might the problem be, "asked the desk clerk?" 

I'll take care of this, walking over officer Cathcart entered the conversation.Officer I found this in Claire's bedroom dresser drawer, between two sweaters, while I was unpacking and settling in, "Francis explained."

What's in the bag,"questioned Officer Cathcart?" 

Opening the brown paper bag, officer Cathcart could smell the stench. 

Oh my god that must be Ms. Campton's finger, we were wondering what happened to it, "officer Cathcart said!"

soulmate- Captive

Mrs. Wallington entered the kitchen, Oh dear, I've left the kettle on, as she turned off the stove top, while removing the Tea kettle from the hot burner. Shaking like a leaf, Gene reached into the cupboard, took out a brown paper lunch bag, as she stood there in deep thought?

Gene where are you, I can't sit here all day, "shouted Francis?" I'm on my way dear, as she tore off some paper towel,and headed for the bedroom.What took so long, why are you sweating, "best you sit or lie down on the bed, "he suggested."

Francis had gotten up from the floor, and escorted Gene over to the bed.Taking the paper towels and brown paper lunch bag from Mrs. Wallington, You best get some rest.

Francis had knelt back down and picked up the finger and placed it into the paper bag, crumpling it closed.


soulmate- Captive

Francis comforted Gene in her sorrow, trying to put her mind at ease.Do you think this could be Claire's finger, Gene asked Francis, while wiping the tears from her face?

Can't be sure Gene, will have to place the finger in a bag, and take it down to the police station as evidence, "Francis had explained."Aren't you scared to touch that, no I'm going to pick it up with a piece of paper towel, then put it into a brown paper bag.Gene and Frances had walked over to the floor by the dresser, kneeling while covering their noses.

Gene, go get me a paper towel and a brown paper lunch bag from the kitchen, "Francis had suggested!"Do you feel well enough Gene or would you rather go lie back down, "questioned Francis?"No I think I can handle this, I'm alright, as she began stand up, slowly heading for the kitchen.