Saturday, July 13, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The morning dew on the foliage, as fog hung over the gaping cold lake of mist of the glass cabin windows. Birds chirping, as the chimes clanged outside of the bedroom, where Claire had been.

Claire woke stretching out her arms, with a headache of beads of sweat, drowned out her ears.

She opened the bedroom door, very slowly, while she climbed down the staircase, towards the kitchen. The sound of water flowing into her hands, as she stood parched, as she drank the tap water from the faucet. Claire tiptoed to the patio windows of a logged door, it was locked. She could see the clouds forming into rain, that began to a horrific down pour of thunder and lighting.


Claire started to back away from the stormy windows of the door, "What are you doing, you frightened me, Claire shouted?"

The thunder woke me... "Where were you, spying on me, Claire asked?"

No I slept in the study, so I wouldn't disturb you, "Thornton replied."

You smell like whiskey breath, as he held her, Claire remarked.

I don't think you have the right to speak to me in such a matter, Thornton stated, as he leaned in to kiss her. Get away from me, pushing and shoving, as he wrestled her to the kitchen floor.

The smell of her hair, the closeness of their bodies, tangled around one another, Claire just looked at him with gazing eyes of anger; filled with fear of exhaustion.

soulmate- Rapture

Thornton just stared and observed Claire, as she slept, tossing and turning. Every now and then she would moan and call out for "Sebastian."

Thornton eventually went back downstairs to the study, he had taken Ms. Campton to her vehicle, seeing it was nightfall. He then started the car and headed down the sandy foggy dirt road, as the vehicle diverted into the woods, with Ms. Campton behind the wheel.

Thornton hiked it back up to the cabin, leaving no traces behind, he had wiped off the steering wheel, the car door handle, neatly tucked Ms. Campton behind the wheel of the car. It was at least 2 miles from the cabin, down a deserted dark path of rocky road.

It had been going on 2am that morning, arriving back at the cabin, Claire had been sound asleep, from the medication Thornton had put in her tea. Thornton had slept in the study, till mid morning, while Claire had woken, and tried every locked door, to escape without making a sound. She could hear snoring coming from the study, and quietly peeked in on Thornton. She went to pickup a vase to smash Thornton in the head with, as she turned around, he grabbed her by the wrist.

"Ouch, you horrible maniac, Claire shouted!"

What do we have here Mrs. Androusey, Claire had dropped the vase, from his tight grip.

I will never be Mrs. Androusey, I will be with Sebastian, we are to be wed, as she fought him off.

Stop fighting me, its no use, "Thornton said."

Stop...let me go, suddenly Claire felt dizzy, and collapsed to the floor.

Thornton carried her upstairs, and placed her on the bed, he began to press his body against Claire's, as he laid beside her. Caressing her smooth olive toned skin, with kisses along her neck.

Thornton had jumped up from off the bed, and locked the door from behind, resisting the temptation and desire for Claire. He had hungered for the taste of her nectar, that flowed within her body, to smother her lips with his.

Therefore, he headed back downstairs to the study to fix himself a glass of whiskey, as the ice cubes hit the glass.

soulmate- Rapture

Claire had gotten dressed and headed downstairs, to meet Thornton in the kitchen.


Eat some soup and try to eat this sandwich, You'll need the strength. Claire began to eat slowly, watching his every move, as he sat across from her at the café table. Aren't you going to eat,"asked Claire?" I'll eat later, as he headed for the study. He entered the room, on the floor lye Ms. Campton, dead, Thornton fixed a shot of whiskey, as he chugged it back, he could hear Claire call out to him.

Thornton, I've finished my meal, "Where can I rest, please don't put me back in my room?

Thornton slammed the doors to the study, so Claire wouldn't see Ms. Campton's lifeless body.

Come, please don't put me back in my room, I'm not, as he carried her back upstairs.Thornton gently placed Claire down on the bed, reframing from kissing her, the urge to touch her voluptuous body, Rest my princess, Thornton said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

He went back downstairs, and fixed her Claire some hot tea. Here my love, don't call me that, I will never love you, like my true love Sebastian, "Claire said in a harsh tone."

Drink this tea, it will warm you up, I don't want to be here, "let me go, she cried out." You will learn to love me in time, You will accept being Mrs. Androusey, "Thornton demanded!"

Claire began to feel drowsy from the tea, "What did you put in my tea, Claire asked abruptly?" Something to make you sleep better, and take away the infection, you have in your body.

Claire began to see Thornton's face, fade in an out, down for the count, Claire had drifted off to sleep.

soulmate- Rapture

Claire had been hiding underneath a big tree limb, covered in leaves, 200 feet across from the cabin, by the shed.


Thornton had been searching for quite some time, out of the corner of his left eye, he noticed a  partial white piece of fabric, between the leaves, sticking out. He leaned in and grabbed ahold of Claire's dress, tarring it up to her waist. Kicking and screaming, fighting his restrain, while her wrists began to bleed again; from the splintered mirror she broke while escaping the first time, from behind the bedroom door.

Stop...let me go,, "Claire shouted with a raspy voice!"

Thornton scooped her up off the ground by her waistline, mud underneath her fingernails, from grabbing dirt, and throwing it at Thornton's face.

You bitch, get over here, while struggling her down to the ground, with his hand covering her mouth.

Sounds of whimpering, and scratching his face, as he grabbed her tighter, clutching both her wrists with his other hand; as he dragged her across the muddy leaves, back into the cabin.

I told you to stay quite, and not to run away from me ever, as he sat her on the chesterfield. I am going to release my hand from your mouth, if you scream, I'll sedate you again.

Claire didn't fight back, her strength was weakening, blood and dirt had grazed her arms, down to her torn wedding gown.

Thornton carried her upstairs and placed her in the bathtub, "Now wash yourself from the grit, as he spoke with a shallow voice."

Leave me, "Claire said," I need my privacy. I will leave you for now, I will be back my beauty, as he abrasively grabbed her face.


An hour had pasted, still Claire hadn't come down.

Thornton headed upstairs, their stood Claire wrapped in a towel, shivering from the night air, coming from the bedroom window. I can't get the blood to stop flowing, you shouldn't have tried to escape. Let me take the splinters of broken mirror out your skin, You're wrists are infected, "said Thornton."

Thornton cleaned and wrapped fresh bandages around Claire's scrapped wrists.

You will find a clean set of pajama's, that I have laid out for you on the bed. You must be hungry, get dressed, and come downstairs, Don't try to run, or you will be punished, "Thornton sternly stated."



soulmate- Rapture

Thornton grew with worry, he placed the wet cool towel across Claire's forehead, as he pushed back the flowing curls that brushed her eyes.

He then walked over to Ms. Campton's lifeless body, throwing her over his shoulder, and placing her body in the study, Closing the doors behind.

Thornton had went back to check on Claire, Rage across the top of his voice, "Claire?"

Claire was no where to be found, only the dressing of bandages left on the floor, beside the Chesterfield.

Screaming in haste, throughout the cabin, "Claire where are you, Claire, he shouted?"

Claire slid through the front door, that had been unlocked from when Ms. Campton arrived, earlier that morning. Thornton, knew she couldn't get that far, in her travels, knowing the wounds she wore.

He began scouring the woods, and calling out, "Claire come back, I will find you; Claire you can't hide, I'm coming for you!"


Friday, July 12, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Mr. Androusey, who are you talking too, "Ms. Campton enquired?"

No one, why are you ease dropping on me, I wasn't, I thought I heard you call out to a woman, she responded.

Aren't you done yet, with your cleaning, almost Mr. Androusey.

Thornton carefully watching her every move, Ring. Ringling...Thornton dashing to the phone, as beads of sweat formed across his forehead.

Hello, who am I speaking too, "Oh Mr. Greenbrier, how are you, Yes I have the painting ready.

Ms. Campton started to make her way with the mop down the foyer, and back through to the stairwell. She had noticed a silhouette in white, drained with red, upon a pale figured face, scrunched beneath the staircase. Ms. Campton couldn't believe her eyes, "Oh my, with worry in her voice!"

Help, she was choking on her saliva, "Mr. Androusey, screaming from the foyer!"

Thornton come rushing with disbelief in his face, Look...look, that's the girl in your painting, Ms. Campton muffled. He reached down to pick up Claire's helpless  discolored body. Placed her on the Chesterfield, while Ms. Campton stared in bewildered...

Thornton stood up, and reached into his pockets in despair, In one quick shot; he turned to Ms. Campton, and snapped her neck. She dropped to the floor, like a drum-beat, as her eyes began to slip away with life.

Thornton kneeled down beside Claire's shallow breathing body, caressing her shoulder's, "Oh my sweet Claire"; wake my love, as he tried shaking her. Claire laid there in stained blood dress bandages, pale had flowered her beautiful face, with long brown curls that draped her eyes.

Thornton ran to the kitchen, to get some water, to drench her redden lips with a dish towel. Please wake, please...don't dye on me, Shaking her repeatedly, Yet Claire wasn't moving or responsive.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Ding dong,..ding...dong, as the doorbell rang fear sly through the cabin.

Coming, just a minute, I'll be right there, "Thornton yelled down", with a swift run down the stairs.

What took so long, Mr. Androusey, "Ms. Campton asked?" 

I thought you were away on vacation, I was, that was two weeks ago Mr. Androusey.

Why are you sweating so much, dear, are you sick, "asked Ms. Campton?"

No, I was working out, "Thornton answered."

Well let me do the floors, and my housekeeping, I'll get out of your way Sir.

No, that won't be necessary, Thornton said.

How come, I always come once a week, to do the floors, "You're acting not your usual way, Ms. Campton responded."

It's just I am very busy today with my art work, You would be in the way of my painting, "Thornton replied."

Very beautiful painting, who's the lady of such defined beauty?

No one you would know, someone I painted a portrait of, for my friend in town, "he explained."

Nonsense, you worry to much, I'll be out of here in a jiffy.You seemed to have spilled some red paint on the wood floors dear.

Don't touch it, I'll wipe it up, "go...go, Thornton shouted!" 

Therefore, Ms. Campton started to tremble, as she carried her mop and bucket up the stairs.

Thornton started rustling through out the cabin, in a whisper, Claire where are you?

Still no answer...?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The creaking of the door's opening, pattering across the wooded floors, as passing through the living room.

Come out Claire, you have to eat some time, You must be hungry by now, you haven't eaten in two days, "Thornton hollered!"

Silence throughout the foyer flooded the dwelling, Yet Thornton knew she had been hiding, that made him more in raged not knowing Claire's where about?

Ice cubes rattled the glass of whiskey pouring into his hand, as Thornton stood there in wonder...

Where are you my princess, sooner or later you will surface from starvation, he questioned?

Why can't you be nice and loving, You will learn to love me in time, "Thornton shouted abroad!"

Claire, I am not going to hurt you my dear, I just want to love you, "You are my wife, as the hostility filled the living room."


There is no use in playing or toying with my head, it just makes things worse for you. When I find you, you will make love to me, and you will be mine, as he climbed his way up the stairwell, to the main bedroom.

soulmate- Rapture

Sounds of sighing, as the sheet was wrestled, thrown across the floor, ", let me out of here", as Claire was pounding down the door.

Let me out, "smash the mirror shattered into splinters", all over her hands, behind the bedroom door.

Blood flowing down the sides of wrists, and arms, as she wept in agony, the salty tears that ran down her chapped lips; she could taste when she licked her lips.

Where am I, why is this happening to me, "she shouted out loud?"

Claire heard shoes shuffling down the hall, getting closer, as the unlocking of a key engaged of the opening door; to the bedroom. She hid behind the door, trembling and sobbing.


Good afternoon Claire, where are you my sweet, "Come out were ever you are, Thornton demanded?" Searching under the bed, she waited for him to look into the closet, then she quietly

came out behind the solid oak mirrored door.

Running... as trails of blood followed behind, she tore off the bottom of her wedding dress, to stop the bleeding, as she wrapped individual pieces of the gown around her wrists. Wiping up the trail of blood, as she crawled beneath the staircase, to the upper level of the log cabin.


Claire, its no use, you can hide, "You will never get out, Thornton said; as he was chuckling through the corridor, that led into the study.

Slamming, the doors from behind, Claire peeked through the stairwell, she just sat there while the pain enriched with the thorns of pain. She didn't want make a sound of movement, so she fell a sleep; in a fetal position; beneath the staircase, shivering from the cold air that cradled her strapless olive skinned shoulders.