Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soul Mate Preview: The Investigation

What does sir Sebastian and uncle Robert run into along they're search in the wooded lake area,what happened to Claire with Thornton on their night walkabout...?

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had followed the footprints that disappeared near the lake from behind the cottage. As the sergeant was combing through the grass, he had come across a piece of torn fabric that came from a shirt.

Sergeant Fitzgerald had walked back up to Claire's cottage, coughing from the chill in the air as he entered the dwelling of silence.
His stomach became squeamish as he headed for the bog, hand over mouth, as he leaned over the bath room sink.

soulmate- The Investigation

This is officer Cathcart Raymond, what did you come up with on Mrs. Wallingtons' cause of death?
She died of a massive heart attack,"Raymond responded."

What did you find her digestive system,"inquired the Officer?"
I didn't find anything, from my evaluation, Gene hadn't eaten,Yet I found a little bit of water in her bladder,"Raymond had explained."

The reason why I ask, is because Claire's brother Francis claims that Gene and him were having tea at the kitchen table before she got up to leave the cottage.

I found no traces of tea,only a little bit of water in her system,"Raymond replied."

soulmate- The Investigation

Down at the county morgue in Manchester, Raymond the mortician evaluated the cause of death of Gene Wallington, a massive heart attack.

Raymond tried getting in contact with sergeant Fitzgerald down at the police station.

Ring...ring...ring...ring, how may I help you dispatch Manchester Police Department?

I'm looking to speak with sergeant Fitzgerald or lieutenant Gardner about the Ms.Claire case.
Who shall I say is calling,"Raymond the mortician",down at the county morgue.

Placing the phone down, dispatch had walked over to officer Cathcart and told him who was calling upon the sergeant.
I'll take the phone call, as officer Cathcart walked over and picked up the telephone.

soulmate- The Investigation

Just wait here said officer Cathcart, while officer Noble and him existed the room to the police station lobby ton discuss matters.

There is something not right with his story, for now will release him until we hear back from Sargent Fitzgerald.
Upon entering the room where Francis had been detained, you can go for now, Yet stay in town for further questioning,"suggested officer Noble."

Thank you, I am here to help with my sister's finding, any other thing I can do to help, "stated Francis,"while he walked out of the police station.


soulmate- The Investigation

What were you and Mrs.Wallington discussing before she got up to leave,"asked officer Noble?"
She and I had been conversing about Claire being gone and she didn't know what to do. Gene was concerned whether or not if Claire was alive or dead,"Francis had explained."

Where were you when she got up to leave,"questioned officer Cathcart?"

Like I had explained earlier Gene and I had been sitting at the kitchen table having a spot of tea conversing about Claire missing, and when she got up to leave I had been sitting at the table drinking my tea, as he began rubbing his clammy hands of nervousness.



Friday, December 6, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Good day to you Francis greeted officer Cathcart, as he entered the office for questioning.

I am surprised to see you here, "officer Cathcart replied!"
Officer Noble had re entered the office to fill an officer Cathcart with the updates of what took place down at Claire's cottage,The finding of Mrs. Gene Wallingtons' body.

Francis begin explaining his story to both of the officers, while beads of sweat still formed beneath his eyelids.
You could hear the grinding of his teeth as he clenched his hands to the chair, tightly gripped.
The shaking of his knees as guilt traced his face of flush.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soul Mate- The Investigation Preview: tomorrow night Friday the 6th @8:30 PM-4 AM

What questions are in store for Francis down at the Manchester Police Station,
while Sergeant Fitzgerald is searching behind Claire's cottage, Meanwhile,Thornton and Claire take the night out?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had picked up the phone to call Sebastian Montgomery, yet no answer.

Hanging up the phone, sergeant Fitzgerald had noticed a trail of sprinkled dirt along the baseboard, next to the back door of the cottage.

Stepping out onto the porch, he had noticed two footprints along the back steps of the cottage porch.
Leaning against the door, sergeant Fitzgerald decided to take a walk about, around by the lake.

soulmate- The Investigation

On down the road, Francis had been silent the whole way down to the police station, as he swallowed the guilt that filtered his deceit.

Sergeant Fitzgerald was going through Francis's clothing, and stepped into the bog, searching for clues in Claire's cottage.

Back at the Manchester Police station, Francis had been placed in lieutenant Gardeners office.
Just wait here for a while, should I call an attorney, "asked Francis?"

That won't be necessary officer Cathcart spoke entering the room of lieutenant Gardeners office.
I'll take it from here officer Noble, "said officer Cathcart."

soulmate- The Investigation

The ambulance had arrived, sergeant Fitzgerald packaged up the necklace, placing it into his police satchel of evidence.

Meanwhile, Francis had been sitting in the back of the police car, officer Noble had gone back in to speak with sergeant Fitzgerald.
I'm going to take him down to the police station because I find some suspicious evidence of foul play, something is not right here, "quoted officer Noble."

I'm going to stay behind and I'm going to do some checking in his belongings,"suggested sergeant Fitzgerald."

soulmate- The Investigation

Quietly slipping down the hallway, a hand came from behind,can you please come with me back over to the living room, as Officer Noble escorted Francis.

What's going on, choking on phlegm saliva down his esophagus,"Francis asked officer Noble?"

I have questions for you, first I don't see two cups of hot tea,I only see one shattered upon the kitchen floor, second I think you should come down to the police department with me for further questioning,"stated officer Noble."
I don't understand why your taking me down to the police station, Francis argued.

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had been dispatching an ambulance over to Claire's cottage, while officer Noble had walked Francis over to the living room, for questioning.

Sitting in the living room, officer Noble had noticed a little bit of grass twig underneath the sofa.
Frances had gotten up to use the bog.
Officer Noble had walked over to Mrs. Wallington, Gene's lifeless body. Noticing as he knelt down, something shimmering through her clutched right hand.

What are you doing, "asked sergeant Fitzgerald?"
There is something enclosed in Gene's right hand, "officer Noble replied."

soulmate- The Investigation

How long would you say she was here for, and what caused her to fall down on to the floor,"questioned sergeant Fitzgerald?"

We had been sitting inside having a spot of tea together at the kitchen table.Gene said she had to go, got up to leave, that's when I heard the thump coming from the kitchenette, "Francis explained."

Why are you sweating so much, and you look awfully nervous,"stated officer Noble."

I just can't believe this happened, one minute we're having tea at the table, and the next thing I know she's laying by the front door.
Sweat beads began to form beneath his eyelids, while Francis reasoned.

Friday, November 8, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Frantic in his eyes, heart beating like a drum, slipping of the coffee cup from clammy hands, he sipped from the teacup, shattered the porcelain upon the kitchen floor.

Shaking and trembling inside, ding dong ...ding dong ...ding dong, Francis made his way to the front door, wiping his face off with a handkerchief.

Opening of the front door there stood, sergeant FitzGerald an officer Noble, as they made their way in, observing Mrs.Wallington, Gene's body lying not too far from the front door entrance.

soulmate- The Investigation

Officer Noble speaking, how may I help you, as the phone exchanged hands?

It's Claire's brother Francis, hello Francis and how many I help you,
"enquired officer Noble?"
You remember Mrs.Wallington, Gene Claire's seamstress that runs the dress shop, she came over earlier to check in on me.
When she was leaving she fell to the floor, and she's not breathing, as anxiety filled his voice,"Francis had explained!"

Where is she right now, "questioned officer Noble?"
She still lying on the floor by the front door of Claire's cottage,"Francis responded."

Don't touch her, don't move her, I'll be on my way, clicking of the phone hung up, as officer Noble exited the police station.

soulmate- The Investigation

Francis had had gotten up from the floor, where Gene lye life less.

He quickly picked up the telephone, ringing the Manchester Police Department, can I speak with sergeant Fitzgerald,"he asked dispatch?"

What's this in reference to, the officer answered?

This is Francis Atkins, Claire Atkins brother, Sebastian Montgomery's missing bride disappearance,"he replied."
Let me go grab officer Noble, he's sitting across the room at his desk, "dispatch responded."

soulmate- The investigation

Gene you're not talking sensibly, maybe you should just give me the necklace and go lie down, I'll call the police with the clue you found, "Francis suggested?"
Leaning on the table while standing upright, I don't trust you,
"Gene answered!"

Slowly heading towards the front door necklace tightly gripped in hand, slam to the floor like dead weight, "Gene gasping for air!"

Swiftly come to her side, Francis felt her pulse, placing his hand on her chest.
I'm having a heart attack, as her eyes rolled back, "she whispered."
Francis hovered over Gene's body, as he watched the life slip from Gene's body...

soulmate- The Investigation

Francis had sat across from Gene, with this mysterious look in his eye, Gene I don't understand what you're referring too, he answered!

I had given this as a wedding gift to Claire the morning of her wedding at the dress shop,"Gene explained", as sweat ran between the salty tears that wept her face.

It had fallen out of your pants pocket in the dresser drawer.
I was making sure you were settled in for your stay, as she look faint, she went on about.

Francis sat there in peculiar, I don't know where it came from, didn't even know it was here, "nervously he explained!"
Why are you acting like you know something, "Gene inquired, as mystery filled her thought of doubt?"

soulmate- The Investigation

Flustered in the face, heart pounding intensely with wonder, as Gene sat on Claire's bed. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead with every stroke, as she ran her hand through her hair.

Gene tried collecting herself as she headed for the kitchen.
Why are you sweating what's wrong, what happened, what's got you so upset, "Francis questioned with panic in his voice?"

Stuttering every word, tripping over her tongue, pale faced, horror in her eyes; Where did you get this necklace, "Gene asked in a whimpering voice?"
Sit Gene ...calm down, surprisingly looked Francis, as he exported Gene to the kitchen table.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

When Gene confronts Francis about the finding of the necklace, does Francis try to help her or will she survive the heart attack, while Sebastian and uncle Robert search,what does officer Noble find in the clues, that's got him questioning...?


soulmate- The Investigation

Francis put on a kettle of water for a spot of tea, as he swept up the back porch.

Splashing her face of tears, as she continued to wipe off her face, Gene headed to Claire's bedroom.
She went to go check and make sure that Francis was all packed in for his stay.

She began by putting the rest of his belongings in the drawers, when she came upon a necklace of Claire's that fell out the pants pocket, belonging to Francis.
Gene had noticed, that the necklace had been wet moist, with dirt in between strands of grass.

Anxiously her heart began to beat faster, sweating something fierce.
That was the necklace that she had given to Claire the day of her wedding at the dress shop.


soulmate- The Investigation

Pounding on the front door, come running as fast as he could, open the door to his surprise, there stood Mrs. Wallington, Gene, Claire's seamstress manager.
What's the panic, "asked Francis?"

I can't sleep it's Claire that's got me so worried, have you heard anything,"Gene inquired?"
Nothing, I just got back a little while ago, from the police department and from shopping, "Francis replied."

Let me go to the ladies room, I need to splash some cold water on my face, off Gene went sobbing.

soulmate- The Investigation

How many times are we going to go over this Claire, with you and Sebastian.
I don't want to hear or speak of his name in this house, you are my wife, and I love you... accept it.

As the ice cubes chimed the crystal glass vintage.

I will never get used to being your wife, so deal with it, "Claire said angrily!"

What shall we do for the rest of the evening till dinners ready, shall we walk the  fortress, "suggested Clare?"


soulmate- The Investigation

Overwhelmed surrounded her mood, as she released from his grip, she just stared at her hand of brilliant clarity.

Why look so surprised, alarmed by the look on her face, "Thornton asked?"

I just never thought I'd ever see a wedding ring on my finger, yet, only from my 

Sebastian, "Claire replied."

There will never be a you and Sebastian, he's not coming for you, as he went to fetch a glass of vintage.

Gerald will you excuse us for a moment, "sternly stated, Thornton!"

soulmate- The Investigation

Claire just looked in haze, while being cradled of fear.
I was just conversing about what's for dinner tonight with Gerald the butler, "Claire uttered!"

Let me look at you, it feels like forever since I've seen you, as their lips locked with such passion between.
Claire tried to catch her breath, being smothered by the enemy of control.
Thornton envisioned them making love, as he became aroused with her taste of vintage lips.

For you my princess, as he put the ring on her finger of marriage, you and I will always be together as one love, he expressed.


soulmate- The Investigation

Argumentative voices coming from the parlor had filled the cabin, as Thornton made his entrance.
Claire and Gerald heard the front door slam, "shush... shush, they both whispered."

Thornton had ran to the upstairs bathroom to freshen up for dinner.

Pour me a glass of Chardonnay, demanded Claire!
Thornton entered the parlor as a sneak attack...
With her back turned, she felt a hand of steel grab her around the neck, as he embraced and locked their lips of rage.

What has my princess been up to while I was gone, have you been asking questions again my love, Thornton wondered while clutching her face in the palm of his hand?


soulmate- The Investigation

Well I don't see anything of Claire's stuff in your hands, "Francis had mentioned."

I'll come back another time, I didn't know you were in town, Thornton said.

Where your sister is none of your concern, just know she's fine, and your not to say a word, Thornton had warned Francis.

Are you suggesting that I don't even look for my sister, "asked Francis?"

Remember what I have on you, Thornton stated as he exited.


Francis sat in the living room with worry, yet knew how to keep a secret, especially what Thornton had known, could send him to prison, that haunted his past.

soulmate- The Investigation

Thornton had played Francis once again as a fool, Francis had planted
Ms. Camptons' serrated finger in Claire's bottom dresser drawer, that officer Cathcart had found in search of clues in they're investigation, that he took back as evidence to the Manchester police station.


Thornton had noticed it was gone as Francis put the groceries up earlier, when he wondered off to Claire's bedroom, he had placed a piece of jewelry into Francis's belongings; while using the lavatory, to set up Francis as the fall guy for Claire's disappearance.

soulmate- The Investigation

Let me go wash up in the bathroom, don't you ever tell me what to do,  Thornton shouted from the bathroom.

Francis had put the groceries up in the cupboard, after washing every trace of blood out of the kitchen sink.

Now I'm going to ask you this for the third time, what are you doing here, "asked Francis?"
I came to collect a few more items of your sisters, do I need to explain myself, "Thornton had stated, with a stern voice!"

Where is my sister, and is she alright, "inquired Francis?"

Friday, October 25, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Smack... smash... boom, "wrestling down upon the cold moist grass!"

What are you doing here, of all places, you shouldn't even be here, as the blood ran down, out of Francis's mouth.
Quick, get up, I don't want anyone to see you, as they both rushed back up to the cottage, and headed for the kitchen.

Washing off down the drain, the blood went.
What are you doing here, god forbid if someone comes to Claire's cottage, like Mrs. Wallington, she's been coming over everyday, "Francis  mentioned!"

soulmate- The Investigation

The closing of the car door, tip towing through the grass, leering from afar, as he watched.

Slam had went the front door, with arms full of groceries as Francis placed them down on the kitchen counter top, of Claire's cottage.

The cool brisk wind rattling the chimes, of the back door opening, Francis had stepped out for some fresh air.
He saw something moving over in the hedge, not too far from the cottage.
Francis headed towards...

soulmate- The Investigation

How come you know all this and where are we going, Thornton and I, "Claire had asked?"

I've been eavesdropping on his phone calls, listening in, but not if he gets caught first, Gerald blackmailed!

I see this is pointless with you, you better hope Thornton doesn't find out, he will kill you, as deceit crossed her mine.


I know what you're thinking Miss Claire, how you play your many masks of games Sebastian and you, jealousy reeked his voice, "Gerald had quoted."

I'm going to tell him when he comes back, with her smug attitude.
Your falling for your captor, I see it in your face, as Gerald walked towards her abruptly!

soulmate- The Investigation

I don't believe you will be seeing Sebastian ever Ms.Claire. 

Why is that? 

I will leave here someday, and Sebastian will hunt you down along with Thornton, "she argued!"

Stop your ranting, you will only be staying here temporarily, Thornton has big plans for the both of you, as Gerald went on about.

What's in this for you, and why are you turning on Thornton, where is he taking the both of us, questioning redundantly? I thought you knew Thornton, "Claire questioned anxiously?"

No we are not friends, like I said I'm just the hired help, as she stared the manipulative condescending in the eyes.

soulmate- The Investigation

Pitter patter around the kitchen, wow don't you look pretty Mrs. Thornton Androusey, with every wipe of the glass, "Gerald spoke!"
Don't look at me with those eyes of yours, I know you very well Gerald, sarcasm filled her voice entering the kitchen.

Ms.Claire I am just stating the obvious, as his eyes roamed all over her voluptuous body, filled with lust; Yet, sneaky Gerald was.

You condescending little twit, as she raised her hand to slap Gerald's face...
Such hostility in your actions, mind your manners, as Gerald pulled her in towards his chest.
Claire had sprung back swiftly, as she adjusted her dress.
Where's Thornton she asked?
Tight lipped, I don't question him, I am just the hired help, Gerald mentioned.

Wait till I tell Sebastian that you knew this was going on, keeping me from him, Claire threatened, as the anger filtered her hatred.

soulmate-The Investigation

The stretching of her legs, as she pulled the stockings up, Claire stared at herself in the mirror, as she stood up.
Bewilder thought, Could I be changing, could I be thinking like Thornton, "she questioned her own mind?"

I must still keep closure to myself, for my true love Sebastian, she felt hidden, locked in her heart of pain.
She continued on fixing her hand, and she tried to keep herself together emotionally, always being on guard where Thornton was concerned.

Squirt...squirt, mist of Old English lavender sprinkled her olive skin of silk, with the clanking of her heels down the staircase.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

Francis Claire's brother, comes back from the grocery store, after have left the police station, what happens when he finds Thornton by Claire's cottage, meanwhile, what causes Gene's heart attack; and will Mrs. Wallington, Claire's seamstress survive?


soulmate- The Investigation

I'll be back in a while, Claire's upstairs dressing for tonight. 

Keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't run or else?

No sir, I'll be make sure of that, Gerald promised. 

Remember you are not to say anything to her about anything, especially about me drugging her. 

Thornton had warned Gerald, as he slipped out the front door.

soulmate- The Investigation

Ring a ling...ring a ling..ling ling,
Androusey residence, Gerald speaking, how may I help you?

This is me, can you talk, not at the moment, and you shouldn't be calling me here, Gerald had whispered.
I'll call you tomorrow, from an outside line, as the phone went click on the other end.

Thornton had been listening from the upstairs line, little did Gerald know.

I'll meet you downstairs for supper my dear, as he turned away from Claire's view. 

Thornton ran downstairs, unplugging the phone from the outlet.

soulmate-.The Investigation

Claire had been preparing for supper that evening, incomes walking Thornton unannounced.

You startled me, you should have knocked first, "Claire stated!"

Why should I knock, you're my wife, now get dressed my princess, "Thornton responded."

Stop calling me that, yet, she had this peculiar look in her eyes, as she glanced across the room, from the bathroom.


soulmate- The Investigation

I cannot tell you, but I can tell you this dear, Mr. Androusey always gets what he wants, not this time "Gerald quoted!"

What does that mean, maybe I ought to tell him when he comes out of the shower, she threatened?

I don't think so Ms.Claire, otherwise I'll have to tell Thornton you tried to run.It be wise to keep this to ourselves don't you think, as he let loose of her wrist.

Claire kept pleading for answers, just when Thornton made a surprise entrance into the kitchen...


Why aren't you upstairs showering for dinner my princess, what do you want from Gerald?She was asking me not to put mint jelly on her plate of Duck, she doesn't like it sir, Gerald explained.Thank you Gerald, as Claire exits to bathe for dinner.

soulmate- The Investigation

Traveling back through the fortress, silence between the two.

Entering through the parlor door, good evening Mr. and Mrs. Androusey, what should I fix for supper this evening, Gerald asked?

We will have roasted Duck this evening, Thornton suggested, has he entered the downstairs bathroom to shower.


What are you up to Gerald, Claire whispered, as she watched for Thornton?
How come you won't help me, what's in this charade for you, "Claire questioned", with a look of discouragement?

soulmate- The Investigation

Poisoned by the enemy is what she felt, surrounded by revenge, was her inner thoughts, Claire fell spell bound.

Yet, she knew to stay clear of the truth. 

Her only love had become a distant shade of memory, not forgotten.

As they lay in a fetal position, Thornton knowingly deceived maliciously, his only conquer was where he lay, manipulating Claire, for his own selfish reasons.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

They began to blanket themselves, soaring with passion, rustling through the leaves.
Moans of pleasure echoed throughout, they're moisten beaded sweat of bodies entwined.

Claire had called out Sebastian's name in the heat of the moment!
Shush, as he placed his left clammy hand over her mouth of velvet sensuous lips.
Its just you and I Claire, destiny my child, Thornton whispered her ear.
You must learn to live and accept this marriage, I can love you more than Sebastian could ever, convincing his ego.

Thornton began to release his hand, caressing long luscious brown hair of curl, that captured her face of splendor, thirsty for more.


soulmate- The Investigation

Pulling her close with arms of steel, you could sense the tension between the two, as their lips met.


Fighting the resistance of pleasure, that grew within.

Thornton pulled back on Claire's hair, as his lips showered her neck with kisses of raging lust on her olive skin.
Claire tried fighting off what she had felt, yet the temptation was too irresistible to overcome.

The two had went off hand in hand, as they headed to walk about through the fortress.

soulmate- The Investigation

Swiftly rushing back to the table, Claire had tripped.


My goodness dear, what do we have here, what happened to you, asked Thornton?
Were you listening to our conversation, that's a far stretch from your chair my darling, as Thornton reached down, clutching Claire's hand, back up to her feet.

No I was not, and I do not appreciate you calling me Mrs. Androusey, while tearing her hand away from his.
I had gotten up and I took a look over by the lake, and on my way back to the table dear, I tripped on my dress, "she explained."
So what's wrong with Gerald, what did he have to say to you, wondering if he had mentioned that they knew each other?

Nothing to be concerned, sit have you scraped your knee, lifting of the dress.
Claire swatted his hand, I don't need your help, I can take care of it myself, her voice filled with sarcasm.

soulmate- The Investigation

What could be so important for you to interrupt our breakfast, as Thornton's eyebrows begun to flare?

Sir, a lieutenant Garden had stopped by while you were eating your breakfast. Asking me questions about Ms.Campton your cleaning lady.

He asked me to give you a message, They found Ms. Campton's body along with her car, across the lake in the wooded area, "Gerald had explained."


What else, why are you shaking, Thornton questioned?

I told them you had went out of town on business, and didn't know, thats all, as a look of fear draped his face.

Claire doesn't need to know this, keep a lid on it Gerald, "Thornton demanded!"

It will be our secret sir, yet Gerald was just playing along, he had something up his sleeve, in his wicked mind of leverage...?

soulmate- The Investigation

Starring the guilty, I still don't believe your words, hostility filled her voice of anger.

We are not going to discuss this matter anymore, Thornton firmly grasping her by the wrist...

Excuse me Mr. Androusey, may I have a word with you sir, Gerald walked over, it's a matter of great importance.

Thornton stood up, graciously kissing Claire's hand, I'll be back Mrs. Androusey.

Claire was curious to know amongst the two. Slowly tip toeing, as she listened in from behind the parlor door.


soulmate- The Investigation

Birds chirping, the smell of morning coffee, followed by English breakfast in morning dew.

Are you enjoying our breakfast my love, as Thornton reached over and  grazed a peck on Claire's cheek.

Its so nice that you and I have consummated the marriage, Thornton expressed.

Speaking of last night, how come some parts of the evening are a blur, and I don't remember, "Claire questioned?"

My love, we had a beautiful evening dinner, too much vintage my dear. You had drank a whole bottle of wine last night Claire, don't you remember that, Thornton explained.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

What does Thornton find out, when he sees Gerald and Claire talking, while Claire's brother Francis stumbles upon meeting Thornton, behind Claire's cottage?


soulmate- The Investigation

Well I won't take up anymore of your time, said the lieutenant.

I'll be sure to tell Mr. Androusey that you called on him, as Gerald saw him to his vehicle.

soulmate- The Investigation

I'm Gerald the Butler, the groundskeeper, as they shook hands.

Mr. Androusey has went on a trip.

Do you know where he went, "questioned lieutenant Gardner?"

I never question him officer, he rang me two days ago, ask me to look after the cabin, "Gerald had explained."

What is this about lieutenant, if I may ask?

It concerns his old housekeeper Ms.Campton, do you know of her, "asked the lieutenant?"

I do officer, very nice lady, Gerald commented.

We have found her body along with her car, and wanted to update Mr. Androusey, seeing that she worked for him, "said the lieutenant!"

I didn't know she was missing what happened, said Gerald.

soulmate- The Investigation

Ding dong...ding dong...ding dong, the doorbell chimed throughout the dwelling.

Gerald ran through the parlor door, flushed with beads of sweat running down the back of his neck.

With the opening of the front door, Good day to you sir, how may help you, "asked Gerald the Butler?"

I was looking to speak with Mr. Androusey, lieutenant Gardner asked?

He's not in right now, may I be of  assistance to you, "enquired Gerald?"


soulmate- Captive

I believe you, as Thornton released her.

Remember what I told you, you are never to speak with him in private, or about us, otherwise you know what will happen.

They both began to get dressed to head downstairs for breakfast.

Smells delightful, doesn't it dear, Why of course, "Claire mentioned."

I have set you up on such a glorious day, as Gerald escorted them outdoors, through the parlor.


soulmate- Captive

Thornton just gazed into Claire's big green eyes, as he picked her up, over to the bed.


My sweet Claire, what were you speaking to Gerald about?

She was confused, yet, not fooled...

I had no idea that he was downstairs, ran into him in the kitchen.

Then... trying to push him away, and then you walked in, "she replied."

Thornton pulled back on her hair, as his hands followed her every resistance of fight.

soulmate- Captive

Gerald had begun preparing Eggs Benedict, while Thornton headed upstairs to go check up on Claire.

Opening the door slowly, peering in between the edge of the door, Claire had been dressing.

I was wondering what was taking you so long, as the bedroom door closed behind.

I remember laughing at you last night, and you pawing all over me, "Claire had mentioned."

She tried to exit the bedroom, when...

Listen my love, as he held her by the chin of face, we will not speak of this matter anymore, as their lips locked.

Passion filled the room, ripping her dress off, taking her to the floor, as she engaged, smothered by Thornton's control.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

soulmate- Captive

What did she say to you while I was upstairs, what did you tell her, "questioned Thornton?"

I didn't say anything to her... I tell her nothing Thornton, "Gerald responded", with fear in his tone.

She entered the kitchen looking for something to eat, I swear!

You don't speak to me ever by my first name, it's Mr. Androusey from here on, even when were alone, as he let go of Gerald's arm.

Now fix some breakfast before Claire comes down, demanded Thornton, "slapping his hand down on the countertop!"

soulmate- Captive

I see you have started breakfast without me, "Thornton stated!"

No sir Mr.Androusey, I was just asking Mrs. Androusey what I should fix for breakfast, "Gerald responded."

I was hungry so I came down to fix me bite to eat, "Claire had explained."

Why that's what Gerald is here for, Claire you go get dressed for breakfast, Thornton suggested.

I believe a shower before, as Claire headed through the living room up the staircase.


soulmate- Captive

Towel drying off, Thornton had thought to himself, Could I have gotten away with the most perfect plan, as it dazzled his mind?

Claire he called out, my love shall we  have some breakfast, noticing she had left the room.

Thornton quickly had gotten dressed, anxiously running downstairs!

Morning me Fair Lady, Mrs. Androusey, "Gerald greeted."

Stop right there Gerald, we both know that you and I know each other, "Claire whispered."

soulmate- Captive

As the water pinged against the shower, Thornton lathered with a slight yawn.


Claire sat at the foot of the bed, as  darkness filtered her mind of emptiness, as her stomach growled with hunger.

She couldn't quite put the pieces together, as she quickly put on a long robe she had taken out of the closet, as her feet fitted the slippers.

Off she went to head downstairs to fetch some food.



soulmate- Captive

Thornton leaning towards Claire, my dear, don't remember our wonderful dinner, followed by our enchanting night as husband and wife, as he moved in to lie beside her naked skin.

Her eyes in surprise as she glanced over to look the guilty in the eyes.

I remember us having dinner and cocktails, Gerald serving us, then arguing with you, "Claire spoke," and she wiped off the sleep from her eyes.

Thornton how did we end up here in bed together, I would never... she uttered!

Shoosh my princess, no nonsense this morning, the marriage has been consummated, You are officially Mrs. Claire Androusey, as he left a bedside entering the bathroom.

soulmate- Captive

Fondling the long silky hair, tasseled across the neckline, Claire had awoke.The haze that stare her vision, as Thorntons face came too.

She could taste bittersweet while swallowing, as she breathed in her thoughts of question?

Thornton slowly sat up, as he gently brushed her cheek with a kiss. 

Morning love, did you sleep well, "Thornton asked?"

Claire rolled over to the other side of the bed, tightly clinging to the sheet, a pause had filled her mouth, What are you doing in my bed, "she asked?"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

How does Claire deal with, when she founds out Thornton drugged her wine, and what does Gerald, the butler reveal, while Thornton plans?


soulmate- Captive

Claire stood up and swung her left hand around to smack Thornton upside the head, as he grabbed her by the arm.

You stupid idiot for saying such nonsense about Sebastian, she felt faint, and collapsed onto the floor, crying and laughing at Thornton...

Thornton dropped to his knees and picked up Claire from the wooden floor, "while she laughed in his face." 

He threw her laughing behind onto the bed, while he smothered her voluptuous body with raging fire of passion within in his manner.


The room began to fade in an out, as she felt the sensation of lips licking the salt tears off her breasts.Thornton looked up at Claire, to make sure she was alright.
As he squeezed her face, and he began delicately kissing her on the lips of wine.Thornton had been in control, knowing he had drugged her.
Claire tried getting away, yet she couldn't release from his hold, while lying beneath his masculinity of steel.
There they lay making love, as he slipped off her dress, and his clothes onto the floor.
Oh my Claire, penetrating her flow of nectar, he whispered in her ear, "How I longed for this day to come, my sweet."
Claire then kissed Thornton back, as their legs entwined of sexual emotions.

soulmate- Captive

Claire had been sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking to herself, How could I have been so foolish to have cheated on my Sebastian, as she cried.


Thornton had entered in full throttle, "Why did you run away from me, my love, as he stood over her?"

No need to shed tears my dear...

I am crying because of my behavior outside, how could I have cheated on my Sebastian, as her tears ran down her cleavage.

My dear Claire, Mrs. Androusey, he hasn't even looked for you, you must move on, "Thornton said."Handing her the vintage to her lips, Claire had guzzled the glass of wine, "I want more she ranted!"

Claire slow down, before you get to drunk. Don't tell me what to do, as she grabbed the bottle of Chardonnay, out of Thornton's left hand.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had gotten up off the grass taken the vintage of crystal glasses, and went back into the cabin, lock and key.

Thornton had went back into the downstairs bathroom medicine cabinet, "the bloody shit's mate, you startled me, spoke Gerald from behind!"


What are you doing,"asked Gerald the butler, while he walked in on Thornton slipping something into the wine?" 

None of your business, I'll be out of here in a minute, go back to your room, "angrily spoken,with a crinkle in between his eyebrows,Thornton!" 

Gerald headed back to his room,while Thornton headed to Claire's room, through the living room.

soulmate- Captive

"Shatter"... as the glass slipped from her hand, wrapping both arms around his neck.
Thornton ravishing every moment of longing lust,filtered his loins, while wrapped in Claire's hair around his face. 

The intensity had built between the two, the splendor of the grass, where they lay. Thornton had kneeled on his right elbow, as his left hand fondled her lips down her cleavage of dress line.

Claire wrestling with moans, calling out for Sebastian...

I can't do this, as she ran up to the back door, through the parlor up the stairs. 

soulmate- Captive

Claire wasn't sure what she was thinking or feeling, yet she still tried to push off Thornton. 

He cradled her face with his left hand pulling her closer to his lips.

Claire had shrugged him off and stood up, as she walked about, steadily at the moon.

The wind carried her scent of lavender lilies, that she had plucked from the garden.

Thornton had gotten up and walked over to Claire with vintage at hand, caressing her skin of silk, placing one of the lilies in her hair behind the left ear lobe.

She just looked up with alluring eyes, as he placed the glass of Chardonnay in her right hand.

What a beautiful night, the evening air flowing through her hair, engaged by the shimmering light of reflection in her green eyes of water, as a tear wept down the right cheek of her face.

I know you're sad Claire, but this is your new life my love, I will love you more than Sebastian could, as their lips locked in a french kiss. Mad passion had come across her lips, while Thornton bit her tongue.

Ouch...she squealed!

Thornton held her tightly to his chest, eagerly kissing Claire's neck of breast, as she willingly gave in. 


soulmate- Captive

Would you like me to me fix you a small plate of food,"asked Thornton?" No I'm alright, I would like some more wine, and I'd like to go sit outside for a while, Claire suggested.

Thornton kneeled down by her side, Clarie whatever you want my love, as both their hands locked,while they walked towards the back door, through the parlor.

What happened to Gerald, after serving our dinner, Claire had inquired? Gerald, is staying in the guest room, he will be here full time, "Thornton replied." 

He is hired help, so you my queen, don't have to do the cooking nor the cleaning, as he embraced her in his arms of masculinity.

soulmate- Captive

As he made his entrance, are you feeling any better, what's wrong...what happened, hammering her with questions?

I had taken a sip of wine as I was looking out staring at the moon, how it glistened across the rippled water. My stomach felt a little queasy, and then the room kind of spun around, "Claire explained."

I'm glad you're feeling better, maybe you drink the wine too fast, you really didn't eat that much at dinner, Thornton mentioned.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton walked over to help Claire, as she went to walk, Thornton picked Claire off her feet, Carrying her back into the living room.

What are you doing, why are you carrying me, stop put me down,
"she uttered!"

I am only trying to help, well I don't need your help, they argued.

Claire sat on the Davenport, while Thornton brought her a glass of water from the kitchen. 

Please bring my wine glass back with you,"Claire shouted across the living room!"

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soul Mate Preview, 2morro on Sunday:

Claire and Thornton experience the ravishing storm of passionate intense love, how does Claire respond to being drugged again,Yet, what is Claire hiding the truth about Gerald the butler?


soulmate- Captive

Claire began to walk by the windows, staring out, as the blare of the crescent moon hovered over the lake, has dusk set in.

Thornton had brought the Chardonnay over, and topped off Claire's vintage. 

What are you staring at, "questioned Thornton?"

I'm gazing at the shimmering of light, as her vision became impaired, feeling woozy.

I need to sit down, as she slowly walked over to the cafe table.