Saturday, July 20, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Sebastian then walked over and sat in his car, thinking before leaving the police station, should I go back to Claire's or? Turning the ignition on, Sebastian had and idea, so he drove off onto the foggy road, heading towards Claire's cottage on the lake.


Gene had been driving home, then took a swift turn about, to go head down the road that led to Claire's. 


It was quite foggy that evening, as dusk started to fade into night. The light poles lit scare sly, while the fog thickened into camouflage that swept along the skyline, making it obscure for drivers, while passing each other along the streets of murky roads.


As Sebastian was looking ahead out the blurry windshield, wiping the inside of the windshield with his hand, along the thick fog that hovered the lake. He had noticed a light on in Claire's cottage, peeking through the back sliding glass door curtains.

soulmate- Rapture

Gene and Sebastian where making their way back to the Sergeants desk, when officer Noble spoke; Don't worry will find her, we will still be looking for her in days too come.

Sargent Fitzgerald, get me the Manchester Gazette, I want raise the ransom. and hire more men on the search, "Sebastian sternly stated out loud!"

Ok Mr. Montgomery, how much,"Lieutenant Gardner quoted while entering the police stations doors?"

Two million dollars, said Sebastian in a high pitched voice...

As you wish Sir Montgomery, I will get more men on the hunt, for Ms. Claire Atkins's, "said The sergeant, as he held the doors open," for Mrs.Wallington and Sir Montgomery existing the police station.



Therefore, Sebastian had walked Mrs. Wallington back to her vehicle, as she Gene looked up at him, with startling eyes.

Gene, you go home and rest, Sebastian said as she drove off into the evening night fog.

Friday, July 19, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The chilling sound of the rings, flooding throughout the air, "Mrs Wallington had run over to pickup the phone, with great anticipation!"

I need you to meet down at the police station, "Sergeant Fitzgerald just phoned me," and found some clues in Claire's search, Sebastian explained in detail.

Down at the Manchester police station, over looking the clothed findings of clues, "That's from the gown I made Ms. Claire, as Gene stated so firmly."
Are sure mam, Mrs. Wallington, "asked officer Noble, standing next to Sargent Fitzgerald?"
Oh yes Sir..,officer, "Gene answered in a trembling stutter!"
What are we going to do, "Oh my Sebastian, sobbing with a river of tears, as Gene hugged Sebastian tightly gripped."
Mrs. Wallington have some water, as he walked her over to the water fountain, by the main entrance of the station.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Later that day after leaving the Police station, Sebastian had went home and showered off the day. He still felt alittle shaky from the bump on the side of his head, as he climbed up the spiral staircase, to the master bedroom, to rest his head.

Ring a ling...Ring a ling..., persistently, Sebastian had leaned over to answer the phone, in a sluggish motion.

Good evening, "Montgomery residence, with his raspy spoken words?"

It's Sargent Fitzgerald, we have some knew clues we found while searching the wooded areas near Claire's cottage.

What did you find, "Sebastian asked anxiously ?"

We found white torn fabric, with a brownish mud stained piece of material on a tree, up along the roadside; about a half mile away, into the woods, from Claire's, in which Sargent Fitzgerald had explained.

Really, let me call Mrs. Wallington, and ask her to meet with us down at the police station, so she can tell us if any of the fabric was from Claire's wedding gown, "Thornton suggested."

Ok Mr. Montgomery, see you soon, as the Sargent hung up the phone.

soulmate- Rapture

Entering the back entrance of the cabin, Thornton stopped by the bar to open a nice bottle of Chardonnay, as he smelled the cork, he sat two wine glasses at the café table.

Next he went into Claire's room, where he was now staying in, while Claire had the up stairs bedroom; he had taken a full length dress of burgundy laced silk out of the bedroom closet, next to his clothes. Carrying it upstairs, while he laid out on the foot of the bed for Claire to ware, when she woke from her nap. Along side of the bed, sat a pair of golden bronze strapless heels, to go with her dress.


Claire began to wake as she yawned out loud, "What are you doing in my room, looking surprisingly?"

Please Mrs. Androusey, don't look so shocked, you are my wife, Now get dressed, and meet me in the study by the bar; don't make me wait, "Thornton responded abruptly."

Don't call me that, my name is Claire Atkins, soon to be Mrs. Montgomery; "I will never accept this marriage, ever she cried out!"

Quit your pouting, wipe your face of tears, and get dressed.

Thornton had left the room to head back down to the bar, while waiting patiently for Claire to arrive.




soulmate- Rapture

Thornton went backup stairs to get some clothes, to put in the downstairs bedroom, he had setup for Claire. While hanging up his clothes' in the closet, he looked over at the broken shattered pieces of mirror on the floor.

Thornton picked up a piece and saw his reflection, and said to himself, " I need to shave this rugged face of mine," as he continued to look in the shattered mirror behind the bedroom door.

While exiting the bedroom, he had stepped, and pierced his foot with a sliver of mirror.

Shoot... as he squeezed it out beneath the slit skin of his left foot. 

Thornton went into the hallway closet, where Ms. Campton kept the cleaning supplies, to get a broom with dust pan, to sweep up the broken mirror.

He then took the rest of the broken framed mirror down to the garbage, as he smashed it against the side of the shed. Thornton had noticed, left behind was a torn piece of Claire's wedding gown, left by the entrance of the patio door.

As he bent down to pickup the white strand of material, he recognized the scratches along his hands, that grazed across his neck, in the window pain reflection. Remembering Claire had fought him every step of the way, when she had scratched him while carrying her through the back door.

Thornton went back into the bedroom to shave, and combed his tasseled hair of black.

He wore a pair of black tailored pants, with a Bronze satin robe, which bared his chest.

House slippers made of cream colored leather, shapely footed.

soulmate- Rapture

Thornton sat with Claire, till she went to sleep for the day.

He then went downstairs to shower, not to wakeup Claire, as he lathered up with soap.



All he could do was think of Claire, as he sat down in the shower, dreaming of being

with Claire;emotionally attached, sexually bound as husband and wife. 

She will learn to love me, she has too, I will never let her leave me, as he punched the shower wall. 

soulmate- Rapture

Get off me, "Claire pleaded with Thornton!"

My beautiful Claire, has he pulled on her hair abrasively, "I want you tonight. No is not an option for you, "he explained harshly!"

Claire pushed him off her, as she went to sit at the café table, trying to catch her breath. You're burning up, the fever has worsened, Thornton said with a look of concern.

Take me to the hospital, I am really sick Thornton, something is wrong, my head is pounding.

Claire, I will always take care of you, come my child, as he carried her up the stairs.

As Thornton placed her on the bed, his feelings towards her grew, he became aroused with such sexual desire.

Claire, I won't force you to make love to me tonight, there will come a time when you will love me, "Thornton spoke softly."

I will be right back, as he went downstairs to get something for the fever to let up. Running to her side, here take this, it will help with the infection to brake down the fever, Thornton said.

Claire had positioned herself upon the pillows of plush, swallowing the antibiotics, as she placed down the cup of water on the end table.