Thursday, September 5, 2013

Preview Soul Mate- Captive

Gene and Francis are desperate for answers, how will Claire's dinner turn out, when she meets Gerald, the Butler; while Sebastian and uncle Robert find something haunting from their childhood, while searching along the lake?


soulmate- Captive

Francis,Gene...Gene...can you hear me,"repeatedly asking for response?"

Slowly coming too, Gene's eyes began to flicker, as the color entered back into her with-drawn face.

What happened, gasping for air, short breathed, as Francis placed the cold cloth on her forehead.

Gene you passed out, remember the finger we found in the dresser drawer, "Francis questioned?" 

Yes, I do, who's finger could it be, as Gene quivered, while mystery followed her wandering thoughts?  

soulmate- Captive

Gene, taking her by the hand, come with me, I found something very disturbing in Claire's bedroom dresser drawer.

Entering the bedroom, Francis had walked Gene over by the dresser, as they both kneeled down, staring into the drawer. 

Alarming sharp sound, as Gene collapsed onto the floor, beside Francis' feet.

Francis lifted Gene's head, still no movement, as he picked her up, and carried her over to the bed, gently placing her head down on the pillow upright.

Francis quickly swept across the floor to the bathroom, while grabbing a towel, satcherating it with cold water from the sink. 

He then ran to Gene's side, putting his right hand over her wrist, checking her pulse.

He noticed her pulse rate was there, yet, weakened.

soulmate- Captive

Francis got up from the bathroom floor, wiping the beads of sweat, that streamed down his neck, throughout his shirt. A look of pale surrounded his face, as his eyes grew with concern? 

He then turned on the sink, to splash his face with water, from passing out.
With the flush of the toilet, Francis sat as he placed the lid down.

The tea is ready dear, "Gene called out!"I'll be right in Mrs. Wallington, just finishing up in the lavatory.

I didn't hear you lad, are you alright, you're drenched, do you have a fever, "inquired Gene?"

Francis began to stand up slowly on two feet, while towel drying off his face of flush.

soulmate- Captive

I'll take care of it, Francis collected his luggage and headed towards the bedroom.

I'll fix us a spot of tea,"Gene entered the kitchen," sounds wonderful, Francis replied."                                                             

He began putting some garments in the dresser drawer. 

While moving Claire's clothes to the bottom drawer, Francis had noticed a blood stain beside the dresser bottom drawer, on the floor.

He could smell a fowl stench, while opening the bottom dresser drawer, there lay in between two sweaters was a dried up disfigured finger. 

He ran quickly into the bathroom, heaving over the bog, as he reached for the hand towel.

soulmate- Captive

Slam went the car door, stepping out of the vehicle, walked up to the door, as Francis turn the key.Francis looked around the room, as he sat his bags on the living room floor, of the cottage.

He then walked out to the glass doors, as he stood overlooking the lake, admiring the view.Francis felt a hand from behind touch his shoulder, don't shout, it's only me, "Mrs. Wallington said softly."

Geez Gene, you scared the bloody daylight out of me, "Francis spoke frantically!"

I didn't mean to son, I followed you over, "said Gene." I wanted to help you get settled in, and makeup the bed, with clean linen, she explained.
That's alright Gene, I'm sorry, didn't mean to shout at you love. 

Don't trip over my bags, let me give you hand, suggested Francis. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire was really shakened by the words spoken of Thornton. 

She tried to collect herself, while her heart ached deeply for Sebastian, as she wept.

The door had opened, what took you so long, you should of been here half hour ago. I was caught in traffic, I came as soon... as Thornton interrupted!I'll take your bag, run to the kitchen and prepare our dinner, "Thornton demanded ", as Gerald  headed towards the kitchen.

Claire had been watching the clock, as the minutes seemed to pass quickly, she rushed into the closet and began to dress for dinner.

Are coming dear, cocktails are being served in the parlor, "Thornton yelled up the staircase to Claire?"

Who's Claire "questioned Mr. Cunningham?" My new wife, Gerald, "answered Thornton."

soulmate- Captive

The bathroom door ajar, as Thornton hung up Claire's clothes in the closet.

He looked in her from a distance, he could only see a glimpse, a side portrait of her beauty. Thornton prop the door, 
kicking it with toe of shoe.

Why you startled me, as she reached for a towel to cover, "Claire screamed!"

Thornton had grabbed the towel, slipping through her fingertips!"Not so quick my dear, there is a gentleman on his way over, you will refer to him as Gerald, he's our new Butler, "Thornton suggested."

You will also see I've moved all your clothes from the your old room downstairs, into this bedroom closet, along with mine, "as he explained."

You will not question him, nor will you act inappropriate, you will answer to Mrs.Androusey, as my wife.
If you say anything to Gerald Cunningham, I will kill you both, now get dressed for supper.

 I'll meet you downstairs in 25 minutes, and remember Claire, don't try to escape this time, or else, as Thornton walked back downstairs.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton, picked up the phone, rings later, "Gerald  speaking, how may I help you?" This is Thornton, I need you to make a trip for a while, you have your key I'll be taking a shower, prepare dinner for two, "Sebastian  explained." I'll be right over, Mr. Androusey, and may I ask what the urgency of this call, "Mr. Cunningham questioned?"

I don't think I need to explain, I'll see you when you get here, as Thornton slam down the phone, rushing to get prepared for the evening. Thornton, had dressed in black trousers, accompanied by a tailored fit sportscoat.

Thornton had went to the back of his closet, and pulled out the rest of Claire's clothing, as he carried them to the upstairs bedroom, where Claire had been bathing.

soulmate- Captive

As the wood frame of the door, clattered with the wind, while carrying Claire up the staircase.Thornton had then placed Claire into the bathtub, clothes an all.

Stop, what are you doing,"Claire hollered at Thornton, as she grazed her fingernails across his chest, pulling out of his manly grip?"

I'm no child, I am a grown woman, you don't need to put me in a tub, a hint of sarcasm she rambled on...While climbing out of the bathtub!

Then start acting like one, wash up and meet me downstairs for supper,"Thornton said chuckling", of closing the bedroom door.

Claire began to undress, as she stepped back into the tub blister footed.

The smell of Old English lavender lathered, as the washcloth drenched her olive skin.