Friday, August 9, 2013

Soul Mate preview: Captive

Where's Ms. Campton's body, how long is Claire's brother staying in town, and what will Robert, Sebastian's uncle discover?

soulmate- Captive

The Manchester Police Department, and I've hired a team of men, searching for Claire.
Lieutenant Gardner, Sargent Fitzgerald and officer Noble along with officer Cathcart have put a team together of men including my own, for the search of Claire's return.

I had went by Claire's cottage a few days ago, and I got hit from behind and scuffled with the intruder, kidnapper down by the lake "Sebastian mentioned to Uncle Robert."

What can I do to help," asked Robert?"
I welcome you and for you coming uncle Robert, "as Sebastian hugged", in remorse of pain he felt with worry of Claire's disappearance.


First I need to pick up Mrs. Wallington, so she can retrieve her car over at Claire's cottage.

It's a long story, I'll tell you long the way uncle Robert, as Sebastian rushed themselves out the door.

This has been really hard on everyone, so I'm really glad to have you here, uncle Robert, " Sebastian expressed."

Beep,beep, outcome running Mrs. Wallington, what's your rush son?
Gene, this is my uncle Robert Harris Montgomery, he's an attorney out of Blackpool, England. He's come on my behalf of Claire to help, Mrs.Wallington
Good day to you ma'am, likewise Mr. Montgomery, No please, call me Robert, Mrs. Wallington.
Gene looked over with stricken grief upon her state of mind, Thank you, and please call me Gene, "she requested."

Sebastian and uncle Robert had dropped Gene off by her car, as she drove heading for the dress shop, "Dresses by Claire."

Mrs. Wallington had entered the dreary dress shop, feeling sadness throughout her veins of body and soul.
She began to open the shop, and get it ready for the days setup.
Gene started tailoring a dress for Mrs.Holmes, that work down at City Hall, she had been running behind in the makings. Gene began to become distracted, with thoughts of worry and despair, whimpering in between each stitch of the needle.

The phone had been ringing off the wall of the dress shop.
Mrs. Wallington finally broke from spacing out of concern, as she picked up the telephone; Hello dresses by Claire, how may I help you, "she answered?"
Gene its me, Francis Atkins, "Claire's brother remember?"

Journeying down the streets, through the rocky roads of brick paved streets to the woods.
They both had noticed up ahead, four police vehicles and two pedestrians standing along the side of the road.

Sebastian had veered the car over to the scene of vehicles, along the side of the road.

soulmate- Captive

Very nice my dear nephew, what a lovely flat.

I heard Claire Atkin's was missing, never showed up at the church, "Robert inquired?"

I am sorry I wasn't able to attend your wedding, I was out on business, trying a case in Blackpool, England.

This is true, someone has kidnapped my Claire, the morning of our wedding, "Sabastian responded."

She's been missing since Sunday morning, she had left the dress shop after picking up her dress from Mrs.Wallington, no one has seen or heard from her. I also have put a ransom for 2 million for whoever finds her, and her captor, " Sebastion had explained."

soulmate- Captive

Why look who we have here, Mr.Robert Harris Montgomery, come over here and give your uncle a hug.
Hugging one another, how much you've grown into a fine young lad, "Robert complemented his nephew." 

Tears of joy wept their eyes, as Robert and Sebastian carried the luggage into the foyer of columns.

The windows and the walls were draped in Burgundy, red and black interior cloth, Louis the 13th furniture, crown molding ceilings, swang with crystal chandeliers; followed by a spiral stair case, accented with gold trim in the center of the living room.
Mosaic floors that reeked of Regal, that led to a three story mansion, waterfront.

A decadent backyard, greenery wrapped the garden of color, of radiant rainbow.
The waterfall pond next to the gazebo, alongside a hammock sat in between two oak trees of 20 acres of landscape.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Do you think Claire could have died in the lake, "Oh my God Sebastian what to do, " never going to see Claire again, "Gene cried anxiously!"


Mrs. Wallington pull yourself together, we are going to search the lake tomorrow; my men and I, "officer Noble mentioned.“

Thanks to you're team of men, officer Noble, if you need more men put on the search,  I will hire more, " Sebastian suggested?"

No we've got plenty Sir Montgomery, will keep you posted, as the search team with officer Noble exited the cottage.


Let me get you home Gene, you're in no condition to be driving.

What could have happened to our Clare, if I only I had listened to her the morning of the wedding, down at the dress shop, "Gene said repeatedly!"...

You couldn't have known that this was going to happen, "as Sebastian comforted her ," on the Chesterfield.

Sebastian had locked up the cottage tightly, as he walked Gene out to the his vehicle.


There was complete silence on the way home to Mrs. Wallington's.

You could hear the whistling wind, as the leaves fluttered through the night smog of an English setting.

Sabastian had gotten out of the car, opened up the door for Gene, as he hugged, and gave her a peck on the cheek. Get some rest, "Sebastion said."

What about my car, "Gene asked?"

I will come and pick you up sometime in the afternoon, and drive you over to Claire's cottage.

Thank you, and we'll speak tomorrow, as Gene collected herself.


Sebastian drove off into the night to head back to his dwelling.

Sebastian had settled in for the night.


Morning dew on the window pane, Sebastian's eyes leered on, as rain droplets began to fall.

A knock followed by a chiming sound of the doorbell echoed throughout.

Sebastian quickly put a robe on, that was hanging behind the bathroom door, as he climbed down the spiral staircase to see who was calling on him.

Sebastian opened the front door, and to his surprise, stood?

Soul Mate preview: Captive

Who's coming to visit Sebastian, 

   what leads to the finding of Ms. 
Campton's (housekeeper) body?                    
Claire's brother reachs out...                                                      

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Mrs. Wallington are you alright, as Sebastian and officer Noble picked up Gene out of the muddy grass, Walking her back to the cottage.

Gene had sat down, while Sebastian went to get her a clean towel to wipe off the mud on her face, and blouse.

Officer Noble, as the search of men called from afar, "Come, we have found something in the water?"

Sebastian and officer Noble ran down the stoned steps through the glass doors, to the lake, There shining through the rippling of the water line, sparkled was a hair clip.
That belongs to Claire, as Sebastian walked knee high into the lake, as he reached in to pick up the hair clip.

How can you be sure, "officer Noble questioned?"
I know I gave it to Claire, as a birthday present last year, "Thornton spoke firmly!"

How could of it ended up in the lake, as the men stared in discouragement?

Let's get to back to the police station with the evidence at hand, in a plastic bag the search team had brought in they're satchels.


soulmate- Captive

After finishing up breakfast, Claire began to wash the dishes, as Thornton observed her every move.

Well What do you plan to do with me today, "Claire had asked?"
You and I are going to take a walk, don't try to run, You will just get lost on my land, "Thornton replied abruptly!"

Where are we headed, make sure to bring a sweater, and do not try to run and scream away from me this time.
Thornton took a hold, locking their hands together, as they exited the back door of  the cabin.

Claire with her sweeping hair through the wind, as her scent captivated his loins of lust, that raged over anticipation of wanting to kiss her.

Thornton couldn't resist her olive skin covered in a summers dress of floral, showered flowing brown hair, that caressed her shoulders. His lips enticed by the hazel green piercing eyes, that dressed her face.

soulmate- Captive

Yes, Ms. Campton was here Monday morning, she did her daily chores, and then she went on her way, "Thornton responded."

Her sister Caroline, Cheryl's sister has been frantic calling all over town,  and the police station, "officer Cathcart  had stated."
I can tell you when Ms. Campton left, she was in a rush, she had asked me if she could leave early that day,
"Thornton replied."

Did she tell you why or where she was going, "asked officer Cathcart?"
No, she just said there was something she needed to do, and I let her get off early that day.

Please if there's anything I can do for you officer  to help find Ms. Cheryl Campton, "Thornton enquired?"

Thank you for your time Mr . Androusey, if I have any further questioning I will call, as officer Cathcart walked out.
Thornton had closed the door to the cabin, as he locked it.

Climbing to the top of the bedroom door, Thornton had taken Claire out of the bathroom, and told her to dress for the day, to join him for breakfast in the kitchen.

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had run upstairs to the bedroom, where Claire had been sleeping. He kneeled down and sat on the bed, as he covered her.mouth.

Claire's eyes opened with wonder, as Thornton said to her, "Don't be frightened my pretty."
I need you to stay calm and stay in the bathroom, with the door closed. Don't ask questions, just do it, while forcing her into the bathroom.
Stay put and very quiet, or else, while closing the door from behind.

Now what can I do for you officer?
Officer Cathcart Mr. Androusey, sorry to trouble you sir, it seems Ms. Campton was by here a couple of days ago; to do her usual housekeeping, and no one has seen or heard from her since, "Officer Cathcart questioned?"

soulmate- Captive

The sounds of birds chirping, with a stretch, rolled out of bed; while dragging feet entered  the bathroom.
As a tingle merged the toilet.
Thornton had slung back, as the mouthwash swished back and forth, downward the sink.
He began to climb into some overalls, and a wide hat trimmed upon his head.

Ding ...dong, ding...dong, as knuckles pounded the front door cabin, Still no answer.
Ding...dong, "as the doorbell rang!"

Thornton shouted as he walked down the foyer, "I'm coming, he ranted!"

Opening the front door, Good day to you Mr. Androusey. I'm officer Cathcart, I call on behalf of Ms. Campton, your housekeeper?
Sure come on in  wait in the living room. I was just upstairs getting dressed for the day, let me run up and grab some socks and shoes, and I'll be right back , "Thornton explained."