Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soul Mate Preview: The Investigation

What does sir Sebastian and uncle Robert run into along they're search in the wooded lake area,what happened to Claire with Thornton on their night walkabout...?

soulmate- The Investigation

Sergeant Fitzgerald had followed the footprints that disappeared near the lake from behind the cottage. As the sergeant was combing through the grass, he had come across a piece of torn fabric that came from a shirt.

Sergeant Fitzgerald had walked back up to Claire's cottage, coughing from the chill in the air as he entered the dwelling of silence.
His stomach became squeamish as he headed for the bog, hand over mouth, as he leaned over the bath room sink.

soulmate- The Investigation

This is officer Cathcart Raymond, what did you come up with on Mrs. Wallingtons' cause of death?
She died of a massive heart attack,"Raymond responded."

What did you find her digestive system,"inquired the Officer?"
I didn't find anything, from my evaluation, Gene hadn't eaten,Yet I found a little bit of water in her bladder,"Raymond had explained."

The reason why I ask, is because Claire's brother Francis claims that Gene and him were having tea at the kitchen table before she got up to leave the cottage.

I found no traces of tea,only a little bit of water in her system,"Raymond replied."

soulmate- The Investigation

Down at the county morgue in Manchester, Raymond the mortician evaluated the cause of death of Gene Wallington, a massive heart attack.

Raymond tried getting in contact with sergeant Fitzgerald down at the police station.

Ring...ring...ring...ring, how may I help you dispatch Manchester Police Department?

I'm looking to speak with sergeant Fitzgerald or lieutenant Gardner about the Ms.Claire case.
Who shall I say is calling,"Raymond the mortician",down at the county morgue.

Placing the phone down, dispatch had walked over to officer Cathcart and told him who was calling upon the sergeant.
I'll take the phone call, as officer Cathcart walked over and picked up the telephone.

soulmate- The Investigation

Just wait here said officer Cathcart, while officer Noble and him existed the room to the police station lobby ton discuss matters.

There is something not right with his story, for now will release him until we hear back from Sargent Fitzgerald.
Upon entering the room where Francis had been detained, you can go for now, Yet stay in town for further questioning,"suggested officer Noble."

Thank you, I am here to help with my sister's finding, any other thing I can do to help, "stated Francis,"while he walked out of the police station.


soulmate- The Investigation

What were you and Mrs.Wallington discussing before she got up to leave,"asked officer Noble?"
She and I had been conversing about Claire being gone and she didn't know what to do. Gene was concerned whether or not if Claire was alive or dead,"Francis had explained."

Where were you when she got up to leave,"questioned officer Cathcart?"

Like I had explained earlier Gene and I had been sitting at the kitchen table having a spot of tea conversing about Claire missing, and when she got up to leave I had been sitting at the table drinking my tea, as he began rubbing his clammy hands of nervousness.



Friday, December 6, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Good day to you Francis greeted officer Cathcart, as he entered the office for questioning.

I am surprised to see you here, "officer Cathcart replied!"
Officer Noble had re entered the office to fill an officer Cathcart with the updates of what took place down at Claire's cottage,The finding of Mrs. Gene Wallingtons' body.

Francis begin explaining his story to both of the officers, while beads of sweat still formed beneath his eyelids.
You could hear the grinding of his teeth as he clenched his hands to the chair, tightly gripped.
The shaking of his knees as guilt traced his face of flush.