Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soul Mate preview:

When Gene confronts Francis about the finding of the necklace, does Francis try to help her or will she survive the heart attack, while Sebastian and uncle Robert search,what does officer Noble find in the clues, that's got him questioning...?


soulmate- The Investigation

Francis put on a kettle of water for a spot of tea, as he swept up the back porch.

Splashing her face of tears, as she continued to wipe off her face, Gene headed to Claire's bedroom.
She went to go check and make sure that Francis was all packed in for his stay.

She began by putting the rest of his belongings in the drawers, when she came upon a necklace of Claire's that fell out the pants pocket, belonging to Francis.
Gene had noticed, that the necklace had been wet moist, with dirt in between strands of grass.

Anxiously her heart began to beat faster, sweating something fierce.
That was the necklace that she had given to Claire the day of her wedding at the dress shop.


soulmate- The Investigation

Pounding on the front door, come running as fast as he could, open the door to his surprise, there stood Mrs. Wallington, Gene, Claire's seamstress manager.
What's the panic, "asked Francis?"

I can't sleep it's Claire that's got me so worried, have you heard anything,"Gene inquired?"
Nothing, I just got back a little while ago, from the police department and from shopping, "Francis replied."

Let me go to the ladies room, I need to splash some cold water on my face, off Gene went sobbing.

soulmate- The Investigation

How many times are we going to go over this Claire, with you and Sebastian.
I don't want to hear or speak of his name in this house, you are my wife, and I love you... accept it.

As the ice cubes chimed the crystal glass vintage.

I will never get used to being your wife, so deal with it, "Claire said angrily!"

What shall we do for the rest of the evening till dinners ready, shall we walk the  fortress, "suggested Clare?"


soulmate- The Investigation

Overwhelmed surrounded her mood, as she released from his grip, she just stared at her hand of brilliant clarity.

Why look so surprised, alarmed by the look on her face, "Thornton asked?"

I just never thought I'd ever see a wedding ring on my finger, yet, only from my 

Sebastian, "Claire replied."

There will never be a you and Sebastian, he's not coming for you, as he went to fetch a glass of vintage.

Gerald will you excuse us for a moment, "sternly stated, Thornton!"

soulmate- The Investigation

Claire just looked in haze, while being cradled of fear.
I was just conversing about what's for dinner tonight with Gerald the butler, "Claire uttered!"

Let me look at you, it feels like forever since I've seen you, as their lips locked with such passion between.
Claire tried to catch her breath, being smothered by the enemy of control.
Thornton envisioned them making love, as he became aroused with her taste of vintage lips.

For you my princess, as he put the ring on her finger of marriage, you and I will always be together as one love, he expressed.


soulmate- The Investigation

Argumentative voices coming from the parlor had filled the cabin, as Thornton made his entrance.
Claire and Gerald heard the front door slam, "shush... shush, they both whispered."

Thornton had ran to the upstairs bathroom to freshen up for dinner.

Pour me a glass of Chardonnay, demanded Claire!
Thornton entered the parlor as a sneak attack...
With her back turned, she felt a hand of steel grab her around the neck, as he embraced and locked their lips of rage.

What has my princess been up to while I was gone, have you been asking questions again my love, Thornton wondered while clutching her face in the palm of his hand?


soulmate- The Investigation

Well I don't see anything of Claire's stuff in your hands, "Francis had mentioned."

I'll come back another time, I didn't know you were in town, Thornton said.

Where your sister is none of your concern, just know she's fine, and your not to say a word, Thornton had warned Francis.

Are you suggesting that I don't even look for my sister, "asked Francis?"

Remember what I have on you, Thornton stated as he exited.


Francis sat in the living room with worry, yet knew how to keep a secret, especially what Thornton had known, could send him to prison, that haunted his past.

soulmate- The Investigation

Thornton had played Francis once again as a fool, Francis had planted
Ms. Camptons' serrated finger in Claire's bottom dresser drawer, that officer Cathcart had found in search of clues in they're investigation, that he took back as evidence to the Manchester police station.


Thornton had noticed it was gone as Francis put the groceries up earlier, when he wondered off to Claire's bedroom, he had placed a piece of jewelry into Francis's belongings; while using the lavatory, to set up Francis as the fall guy for Claire's disappearance.

soulmate- The Investigation

Let me go wash up in the bathroom, don't you ever tell me what to do,  Thornton shouted from the bathroom.

Francis had put the groceries up in the cupboard, after washing every trace of blood out of the kitchen sink.

Now I'm going to ask you this for the third time, what are you doing here, "asked Francis?"
I came to collect a few more items of your sisters, do I need to explain myself, "Thornton had stated, with a stern voice!"

Where is my sister, and is she alright, "inquired Francis?"

Friday, October 25, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Smack... smash... boom, "wrestling down upon the cold moist grass!"

What are you doing here, of all places, you shouldn't even be here, as the blood ran down, out of Francis's mouth.
Quick, get up, I don't want anyone to see you, as they both rushed back up to the cottage, and headed for the kitchen.

Washing off down the drain, the blood went.
What are you doing here, god forbid if someone comes to Claire's cottage, like Mrs. Wallington, she's been coming over everyday, "Francis  mentioned!"

soulmate- The Investigation

The closing of the car door, tip towing through the grass, leering from afar, as he watched.

Slam had went the front door, with arms full of groceries as Francis placed them down on the kitchen counter top, of Claire's cottage.

The cool brisk wind rattling the chimes, of the back door opening, Francis had stepped out for some fresh air.
He saw something moving over in the hedge, not too far from the cottage.
Francis headed towards...

soulmate- The Investigation

How come you know all this and where are we going, Thornton and I, "Claire had asked?"

I've been eavesdropping on his phone calls, listening in, but not if he gets caught first, Gerald blackmailed!

I see this is pointless with you, you better hope Thornton doesn't find out, he will kill you, as deceit crossed her mine.


I know what you're thinking Miss Claire, how you play your many masks of games Sebastian and you, jealousy reeked his voice, "Gerald had quoted."

I'm going to tell him when he comes back, with her smug attitude.
Your falling for your captor, I see it in your face, as Gerald walked towards her abruptly!

soulmate- The Investigation

I don't believe you will be seeing Sebastian ever Ms.Claire. 

Why is that? 

I will leave here someday, and Sebastian will hunt you down along with Thornton, "she argued!"

Stop your ranting, you will only be staying here temporarily, Thornton has big plans for the both of you, as Gerald went on about.

What's in this for you, and why are you turning on Thornton, where is he taking the both of us, questioning redundantly? I thought you knew Thornton, "Claire questioned anxiously?"

No we are not friends, like I said I'm just the hired help, as she stared the manipulative condescending in the eyes.

soulmate- The Investigation

Pitter patter around the kitchen, wow don't you look pretty Mrs. Thornton Androusey, with every wipe of the glass, "Gerald spoke!"
Don't look at me with those eyes of yours, I know you very well Gerald, sarcasm filled her voice entering the kitchen.

Ms.Claire I am just stating the obvious, as his eyes roamed all over her voluptuous body, filled with lust; Yet, sneaky Gerald was.

You condescending little twit, as she raised her hand to slap Gerald's face...
Such hostility in your actions, mind your manners, as Gerald pulled her in towards his chest.
Claire had sprung back swiftly, as she adjusted her dress.
Where's Thornton she asked?
Tight lipped, I don't question him, I am just the hired help, Gerald mentioned.

Wait till I tell Sebastian that you knew this was going on, keeping me from him, Claire threatened, as the anger filtered her hatred.

soulmate-The Investigation

The stretching of her legs, as she pulled the stockings up, Claire stared at herself in the mirror, as she stood up.
Bewilder thought, Could I be changing, could I be thinking like Thornton, "she questioned her own mind?"

I must still keep closure to myself, for my true love Sebastian, she felt hidden, locked in her heart of pain.
She continued on fixing her hand, and she tried to keep herself together emotionally, always being on guard where Thornton was concerned.

Squirt...squirt, mist of Old English lavender sprinkled her olive skin of silk, with the clanking of her heels down the staircase.