Tuesday, August 20, 2013

soulmate- Captive

I can't believe, who would want to hurt Claire, as sadness filled Raymond's voice.

I have hired a team of men to escort the Manchester Police Dept., as Sebastian introduced his uncle Robert. 

This is my uncle Robert Harris Montgomery, Attorney, PA out of Blackpool, England. Nice to meet you Sir Robert Montgomery, as they inserted a handshake.

Please call me uncle Robert, no need to be so formal, I've come on behalf of Claire's search, and support my nephew of bewilder.

Raymond then had gotten into the van and drove off heading to the morgue, while Sebastian and uncle Robert kept searching along the lake.

Officer Noble and officer Cathcart had gotten dispatched back to the car accident on 3rd and Manchester road. 

I'll go back said officer Noble, while you take the evidence bags down to the police station, as he reached into his satchel, while transferring the bag over to officer Cathcart.