Saturday, September 21, 2013

soulmate- Captive

With the clinging of the glasses, as good cheer passed across the table, Thornton had placed the crystal wine glass down before him. He then reached over and had grabbed Claire by the neck, as he caressed her olive skin of silk.

Slowly his right hand entwined with her long luscious brown curls of hair, as the green eyes flickered, from the touch of his hand. He couldn't resist her scent that filled his loins with emotion of sexual desire.  

Claire just gazed into Thornton's big brown eyes of rage intensified, lingering with passion.

Thornton suddenly wrapped his lips around Claire's drenched lips of wine.

The kiss was intense, as Thornton pulled back on her hair, rose petal kisses draped her neck, he could feel her desire of wanting more.