Friday, October 25, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

Pitter patter around the kitchen, wow don't you look pretty Mrs. Thornton Androusey, with every wipe of the glass, "Gerald spoke!"
Don't look at me with those eyes of yours, I know you very well Gerald, sarcasm filled her voice entering the kitchen.

Ms.Claire I am just stating the obvious, as his eyes roamed all over her voluptuous body, filled with lust; Yet, sneaky Gerald was.

You condescending little twit, as she raised her hand to slap Gerald's face...
Such hostility in your actions, mind your manners, as Gerald pulled her in towards his chest.
Claire had sprung back swiftly, as she adjusted her dress.
Where's Thornton she asked?
Tight lipped, I don't question him, I am just the hired help, Gerald mentioned.

Wait till I tell Sebastian that you knew this was going on, keeping me from him, Claire threatened, as the anger filtered her hatred.