Friday, June 28, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Sebastian had walked back into Claire's, thump to the floor, "Thrown over the shoulder, dragged to the lake."

Splash, as bubbles surfaced to the top, water started to ripple with the rage of splashing; "gasping for air, as Sebastian struggled in the lake."

Pow...pow... bamb, "as they fell back into the water!"

Sebastian had his arm tightly wrapped around the attackers neck, as the man kicked and screamed.

Sebastian dropped him to the ground in a head lock, as he drug themselves out of the lake.  

Who are you, and where is Claire, "Sebastian asked angrily?"

My name is Thornton, as he kicked Sebastian from behind, in the head.

You will never find Claire, "Thornton shouted while running off into the woods!"


Sebastian woke momentarily lifting his head to see, as he passed back out.

Sniffles, and the sound of thunder roared, as driblets of rain swept the evening dusk, as Sebastian wiped off his face. Ugh...Ugh, where is the lad, I'll kill him; "Sebastian said hastily."


Sebastian began to get up on one knee, as he tried to balance himself, from the blow to the head. A bump had formed on the side of his head, above the right ear.

"Ouch, as he felt the swelling", as the anger grew blazing in his eyes, while stumbling through the patio glass door.