Wednesday, June 12, 2013

soulmate- The Night of the Gala

Sebastian, he was a very tall man, about you're height, with short brownish hair; wearing tan trousers with a woven shirt.

He wanted so much to believe in her, so he played along. He than began to search the grounds, to ease her mind.

Claire quickly collected her torn clothes, and ran into the bedroom. While whimpering her way into the bath tub, "Sebastian my love, I'm really not playing this time, please believe me!"

Those where words once said to many times, he thought as he stood over the porcelain tub.

Claire, I'll be waiting in the living room until you fall asleep, "Sebastian explained," as he existed the bathroom.

Sebastian had stayed with Claire, knowing how shaken she was, still wasn't buying into her charades of many masks she worn.

As the night seemed to move into early morning, Sebastian made sure everything was tightly locked, as he caressed her forehead with a kiss as he left her bedside.   

Claire woke mid morning dew, as her footsteps swept through the hallway, down to the kitchen. The whistle of the tea brewing in her cup, Claire stared out on the lake, with thoughts that filtered her mine.

"Sebastian doesn't believe me," how did this game become too far, beyond my truth. She felt really alone this time, after her fairytale stories told her past.

I must get some more sleep, I am to be wed this afternoon to my true love Sebastian, "she said out loud!"