Tuesday, June 11, 2013

soulmate- The Night of the Gala

The coffee pouring into my mug, while stirs of cling merge with creamer...

The classical music that filters the rooms throughout the dwelling, feel the morning sunlight on the Veranda...

Laughter of joy shared unselfishly, friends gather to take on the day...

Evening falls into the smug night of muggy air, only to wake to the morning dew...

A body that craves for the touch of a burning desire that's been hidden deep inside her for so long, Never did she think such a feeling could exist. The soul existence that could make her complete, so today she went to seek the walls that harbor her true love.

On the sofa there she lay, contemplating her journey to land this man with the same desires to keep their souls from separating.

His name was Sebastian Montgomery, she had loved him for some time, Yet she didn't know much about him. Her longing lust for his love was all she endured.

Claire always indulged herself in life, with adventure.

He was a charming, distinguished gentleman, eyes of piercing blue, hair like charcoal. Flesh that was harden with masculinity, shoulders of steel and the strength that was so overpowering that she felt; when he held her.

When she would enter a room, eyes where upon her. The music was enchanting, everyone was dressed for the gala that took place that evening. The ladies wore dresses, embellished with sequence, with beads of tiny pearls, the men wore tailored French cut sleeved capes; suited for the room.

There he stood at the top of the stairs, so he could see her enter the room. The wind carried her scent of perfume, which captivated him. He had been watching for a length of time, before he approached her.

She could feel his eyes upon her, even though he wasn't in sight.

That seemed to trouble her at times, Yet it seem to have turned her on. To her it was pleasure to know he was watching her every move, for her own selfish reasons.


She began to mingle amongst the dance floor, hoping someone would ask her to dance. She knew that would make Sebastian crazed with jealousy, but Claire pursued the issue more and more, until Sebastian came to her side. He grabbed a hold of her and embraced her in his arms while dancing.

She could feel the anger from his touch, and she knew to give in; the game they had been playing with one another.

Sebastian knew she would flirt with others to get his attention, so he'd played along, knowing one day Claire would be his eternally.

"Nothing will stand in my way of getting what's rightfully mine, he said to himself!"

Claire loved to toy with his emotions, Always managed to get herself into some kind of situation, even if she was at fault or not.


So one night she called Sebastian on the phone, "Oh Sebastian come quick, I need your help!"

Once again , Sebastian knew she was playing one of her games, like she did in the past.

Sebastian came busting through the entrance of her dwelling, he kneeled down beside her, where her fleshed body was unclothed.

He knew what she was about to say, "Sebastian my darling it was awful", with this horrifying look upon her face. This man had followed me home and forced himself upon me,  started to scream; and he had run off into the woods. "I was so frightened, Claire explained."

Sebastian just looked at her, he felt no remorse for her, and he wasn't going to allow her to manipulate him once again; like she always done.

This time Claire wasn't playing nor less acting, "Sebastian, there really was an intruder here with me", she said repeatedly.