Tuesday, June 18, 2013

soulmate- The Wedding

"She chuckles", Oh Mrs. Wallington that's not it, last night a stranger came into my home, "Claire explained".
You're still playing that game, especially the night before your wedding. For goodness sake Claire, rushing her out the door, "Mrs. Wallington, I'm serious."
Go my child, you have waited so long for this day to come, don't be late. I'll see you at the church I must go home and get ready myself, "Mrs. Wallington responded".

Claire collected herself while exiting the door, of the dress shop.
As turning the key to her vehicle, caput...caput, Oh shoot...not now... not today; of all times, "Claire shouted!"
She pulls off to the side of the road, lifting the hood of the car, there she stood looking at the radiator overheating.
All she could think about was being late for the best day of her life, marrying her true love.
While the wind swept the tears from her eyes.
As she looked down the road, she saw a bronze pickup truck heading her way, Flagging it down to come to her rescue. Screeching off to the side of the road, the truck had come to a complete stop.
Stepping out of the muddy old door, Claire turns around nervously, she can't help but notice; "It's him she cried out!"
Anxiously running for the car door, he grabbed ahold of her wrists, clutching them with both hands.
The anticipation he felt of wanting to be near her, he had waited patiently for this day to come, as he scooped her up off the ground, cradling her in his arms. Claire looked at him with such fear in her face, and said; "Why are you doing this to me, trembling with exhaustion?"
Please I don't want to hurt you, my name is Thornton Androusey. I'm here to take you to your new home. I've been observing you from afar for quite some time, "he responded".
I just have to have you, You are mine and always will be. I've arranged to have us married today.
I am marrying Sebastian, with hostility in her voice.
Thornton put his hand over her mouth, gently pierced her with a needle in her shoulder, Claire falls helplessly into his arms. He carries her to the truck, as they drove off into the woods, across the lake; leaving her car on the side of the road.