Saturday, June 22, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

A day had come to pass, Mrs. Wallington had been on the phone all day, to early morning, asking everyone if they had seen or heard from Claire. Gene had phoned Sebastian, I'm really concerned for our Claire, this not like her to do something like this, "as she explained."

I am telling you Sebastian, some things wrong, Claire has been known to play games, but not like this.

I agree Sebastian replied, I've already notified the police this morning, and my friends are searching for Claire as well; someone's bound to find her.

She had told me the day of her wedding, at the dress shop, that someone tried attacking her; and I thought she was playing another one of her games. I didn't believe her, you know how Claire tells tale's, This time it's for real Sebastian; "Gene had explained".

I know Mrs. Wallington.

Oh my poor dear must be so scared, my sweet Claire, "as Gene cried while expressing her concern".

Stay calm Mrs. Wallington, we will find her, I'll phone you as soon as I hear from someone; and the authorities, "Sebastian said". In the meantime, stay by the phone in case she tries to call you.

Therefore, Sebastian had gotten into his car, and headed for the police station. As Sebastian entered the towns police station's door, I want to pay extra for more of your men, on the search for Claire Atkin's; "Sebastian stated, with a high pitched voice!"

I am offering a ransom in the sum of one million dollars to who ever finds her, "Sebastian quoted".

We can't be certain that she's been kidnapped Mr. Androusey, "Lieutenant Gardner said".

Claire had phoned me the night before our wedding, to come to her aide. She claimed to be attacked by a tall man with short brownish hair, wearing tan trousers, and a dark pullover shirt.

Did she see his face, "Lieutenant Gardner asked?" No, it was dark, all she could see was his clothing while she scared him off; from behind.

Why didn't you call the police, "asked Sgt. Carl Fitzgerald?"

I came over, checked the grounds around the lake, and stayed with her till mid morning; didn't see any reason to call, "Sebastian explained". You know how Claire toys with me and her games, "with an agitated voice!"


I will tell you this officer's, this isn't a game this time, No one has heard or seen from Claire, she would never leave me standing at the alter, "Sebastian said, argumentatively!" Something has seriously happened to our Claire.

Okay Mr. Androusey, we will put more of our officer's on the search, "said Sgt. Fitzgerald."

See what you're men come up with, after searching Claire's grounds, don't forget to scour the lake as well, "Sebastian responded", while exiting the station.