Wednesday, June 19, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Awakened by the touch of a cold hearted hand, crossed her flesh. He places his hand of her mouth, to keep her from screaming, but of course she tries to struggle from Thornton. It's no use, I've got you as my prisoner, until you learn to love and accept being Mrs. Androusey.


Yes were married my dear, here's the marriage license to prove it.

Never will I be Mrs. Androusey, let me out of here, you crazed animal, "Claire shouted!"

Those are just meaningless words, you're upset; you will learn to love me in time, "Thornton replied."

Claire, no one will find you here, I've planned this out very carefully, "he explained."

"Listen to me very carefully, you will never leave me, Thornton said."


You'll never get away with this crazy plan of yours, everyone knows I'm marrying my true love, Sebastian; they will wonder what happened to me, "Claire explained."

They will look for me, and when they find me, "they will kill you!"


I'm sure they'll search for you, but no one will is going to find you my princess, "Thornton said." I'm going to take care of you Claire.

Come with me, down the hall is your room, where you will find all your clothes in the closet, accompanied with your shoes. As you can see I've taking the liberty of filling your room with all things you like, such as your favorite perfumes, and your favorite music.

Claire looked over the room with astonishing eyes, "You have been watching me, my every move she said", as tears rolled down hear fearful face. A peculiar look stowed upon her face, "Everything has been duplicated, she said in a whimpering voice." 

Yes it has my love, I had to recreate and buy the same things you own, to make you feel at home as he grabbed her by the wrist. As she pulled away, Thornton grabbed her, putting his arm around her slender waist; and the other hand covering her mouth.

Claire struggled to escape his manly grip, I knew you would fight me every step of the way, as she tries to escape his clammy sweating arms.

"Stop she shouted", as she wrestles his masculinity against her voluptuous olive skinned, restless body.

I have no choice but to sedate you again Claire, "Thornton said with irony", as she looked up at his fallacious face. Claire became weakened by the shot in her arm, as Thornton picked her up, and carried over to the bed. As he laid her down to rest, he began to kiss her velvet colored rose, sensuous lips. Claire wasn't fully sedated, yet she tried moving her lips away from his, but it was hopeless. She had no strength, while she laid there helplessly.


"Such beauty that can't be denied, he said", as he caressed her long beautiful brown curls of hair. Claire began to moan and struggle, but she couldn't, the sedation had taken fully.