Sunday, September 22, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire stood up and swung her left hand around to smack Thornton upside the head, as he grabbed her by the arm.

You stupid idiot for saying such nonsense about Sebastian, she felt faint, and collapsed onto the floor, crying and laughing at Thornton...

Thornton dropped to his knees and picked up Claire from the wooden floor, "while she laughed in his face." 

He threw her laughing behind onto the bed, while he smothered her voluptuous body with raging fire of passion within in his manner.


The room began to fade in an out, as she felt the sensation of lips licking the salt tears off her breasts.Thornton looked up at Claire, to make sure she was alright.
As he squeezed her face, and he began delicately kissing her on the lips of wine.Thornton had been in control, knowing he had drugged her.
Claire tried getting away, yet she couldn't release from his hold, while lying beneath his masculinity of steel.
There they lay making love, as he slipped off her dress, and his clothes onto the floor.
Oh my Claire, penetrating her flow of nectar, he whispered in her ear, "How I longed for this day to come, my sweet."
Claire then kissed Thornton back, as their legs entwined of sexual emotions.