Sunday, September 22, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire wasn't sure what she was thinking or feeling, yet she still tried to push off Thornton. 

He cradled her face with his left hand pulling her closer to his lips.

Claire had shrugged him off and stood up, as she walked about, steadily at the moon.

The wind carried her scent of lavender lilies, that she had plucked from the garden.

Thornton had gotten up and walked over to Claire with vintage at hand, caressing her skin of silk, placing one of the lilies in her hair behind the left ear lobe.

She just looked up with alluring eyes, as he placed the glass of Chardonnay in her right hand.

What a beautiful night, the evening air flowing through her hair, engaged by the shimmering light of reflection in her green eyes of water, as a tear wept down the right cheek of her face.

I know you're sad Claire, but this is your new life my love, I will love you more than Sebastian could, as their lips locked in a french kiss. Mad passion had come across her lips, while Thornton bit her tongue.

Ouch...she squealed!

Thornton held her tightly to his chest, eagerly kissing Claire's neck of breast, as she willingly gave in.