Tuesday, October 15, 2013

soulmate- The Investigation

What could be so important for you to interrupt our breakfast, as Thornton's eyebrows begun to flare?

Sir, a lieutenant Garden had stopped by while you were eating your breakfast. Asking me questions about Ms.Campton your cleaning lady.

He asked me to give you a message, They found Ms. Campton's body along with her car, across the lake in the wooded area, "Gerald had explained."


What else, why are you shaking, Thornton questioned?

I told them you had went out of town on business, and didn't know, thats all, as a look of fear draped his face.

Claire doesn't need to know this, keep a lid on it Gerald, "Thornton demanded!"

It will be our secret sir, yet Gerald was just playing along, he had something up his sleeve, in his wicked mind of leverage...?