Saturday, August 17, 2013

soulmate- Captive

This looks like her finger was cut off, the remains of her skinned boned finger is evenly detached, cut, said the Lieutenant. I agree, look how the skin layers are notched information, "as officer Noble had explained," sitting along side.

Sebastian's eyes stared at Ms. Campton's hand, as he kneeled down towards the body, as the muggy weather dripped with perspiration. What do you think uncle Robert, seeing you have tried many murder cases, "asked Sergeant Fitzgerald?"
Uncle Robert had gotten on bend and knee, while overlooking both hands, as the stench of the sun baked out the overwhelming odor of death expelled.
My expert opinion as a lawyer, "Yes the finger has been cut off with a serrated knife, it was a rusted knife at that, "Robert answered in observation."

What makes you say that, just by observing the hand, "questioned officer Cathcart?"