Wednesday, August 14, 2013

soulmate- Captive

While searching the wooded area, officer Cathcart had noticed, a couple of squirrels with flies swarming all around this one area. He approached, the smell was intoxicating, as he covered his mouth, reframing of puking that met his senses.
Ms. Campton's body was fully clothed, Yet, bite snipping pierced her blouse, and culotte pants.
Gnawing around her wrist an her ankles, scaved  through out her body of flesh dried blood markings that painted her.
Officer Cathcart covering his nose from the unpleasantry, as he walked the area where she lay. He called for backup, Sergeant FitzGerald got on the radio, where are you he asked?
I'm about a quarter mile up, just north of you, next to the atrium of hedges, that forks off into the woods.
I have found Ms. Campton's body, who knows how long she's been laying out here in this sun of eaten nature, "Officer Cathcart answered!"
While waiting for backup, Lieutenant Gardner had met up with officer Cathcart, as they were combing through the grassy area mixed in with mud, Lieutenant Gardner had reached down, gently placing his plastic gloved right hand into Ms. Campton's pant pocket, just below the left side of her waist.
The lieutenant had found a very unusual cleaning label of some sort of detergent cleanser, as he placed it into a plastic bag in his satchel.