Tuesday, August 13, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Why yes I remember, how you doing Francis, when did you get in, "asked Mrs. Wallington?"I've just arrived, my plane just landed Gene, shall I send for a car, "Francis questioned?"No dear I'll come get you, you stay put.
Gene, I believe I'll send  for a car, don't want to put you out, stay an mind the shop; I'll meet you there, "Francis explained."Thank you my child, I'll see you soon, "Mrs. Wallington replied!"Veered off the side of the road, as their booted heels hit the pavement, sounds of sirens endured by voices of suspicion?Sergeant Fitzgerald, Lieutenant Gardner, what's this, whose car,  "Robert Montgomery had asked?"And who might be you, "questioned the lieutenant?"Forgive my rudeness officers, this is my uncle Robert Harris Montgomery, he's an attorney out of Blackpool, England. He's come on behalf to help find Claire, as Sebastion introduced.They're were people staring from afar, and trying to get up closer to the vehicle, as the officers asked for everyone to stay back.Officer Cathcart had searched through Ms. Campton's vehicle, only to find her handbag. Ms. Campton's body had not been found in the vehicle, as questions filtered the minds of observers, gazing over.The scraping of a door frame etched across the floor, followed by the scuffling sound shoes entered the dress shop.Coming from behind, Francis, Claire's brother; embraced Mrs. Wallington, Gene wirh a great big hug.
My boy, you have scared thy elder, never come creeping from behind, sweet child, "Gene spoke!"Francis with this big gleam in his eye, "Has anyone found out or heard anything about my sister Claire", as hostility filled his voice of room?Sebastian her fiance, has hired extra men for Claire's search, along with the Manchester Police Department,"Gene answered."Sit Francis while I explain, calm yourself son, as Gene walked Francis over by the fitting room, to the sofa.Sergeant Fitzgerald had told lieutenant Gardner that he could go start up ahead on foot, along the dirt road, to help find Ms. Campton's body. Officer Cathcart heading the other direction,went to seek.
Uncle Robert with Sebastian had stayed, and conversed with Sergeant Fitzgerald.

As the morning diminished, the viewers had vanished off their shadows of curiousity into the daylight.