Saturday, August 17, 2013


Upon arrival Sergeant Fitzgerald, along with Sebastian and uncle Robert,What did you find, any clues or evidence linking to the murderer,"asked the Sergeant?"
Officer Cathcart and Lieutenant Gardner had showed them the label that they had found in this Ms. Campton's left waist pocket.
Keep searching, there has to be something more that can lead us in this investigation,"Sebastian commented."

"Yes Sir Montgomery", spoke officer Noble.
What took you so long to get here,  "questioned lieutenant Gardner?"
I was dispatched to another call about 3 miles from here, there had been a severe car accident, not too far from the police station, on 3rd Avenue; and Manchester Dr, "answered officer Noble."

As Officer Noble was looking over Ms. Campton's body, he had noticed her right hand was missing her index finger, as he held it up for everyone to see. maybe an animal just gnawed it off, sergeant Fitzgerald suggested.