Wednesday, September 4, 2013

soulmate- Captive

As the wood frame of the door, clattered with the wind, while carrying Claire up the staircase.Thornton had then placed Claire into the bathtub, clothes an all.

Stop, what are you doing,"Claire hollered at Thornton, as she grazed her fingernails across his chest, pulling out of his manly grip?"

I'm no child, I am a grown woman, you don't need to put me in a tub, a hint of sarcasm she rambled on...While climbing out of the bathtub!

Then start acting like one, wash up and meet me downstairs for supper,"Thornton said chuckling", of closing the bedroom door.

Claire began to undress, as she stepped back into the tub blister footed.

The smell of Old English lavender lathered, as the washcloth drenched her olive skin.