Thursday, September 5, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Slam went the car door, stepping out of the vehicle, walked up to the door, as Francis turn the key.Francis looked around the room, as he sat his bags on the living room floor, of the cottage.

He then walked out to the glass doors, as he stood overlooking the lake, admiring the view.Francis felt a hand from behind touch his shoulder, don't shout, it's only me, "Mrs. Wallington said softly."

Geez Gene, you scared the bloody daylight out of me, "Francis spoke frantically!"

I didn't mean to son, I followed you over, "said Gene." I wanted to help you get settled in, and makeup the bed, with clean linen, she explained.
That's alright Gene, I'm sorry, didn't mean to shout at you love. 

Don't trip over my bags, let me give you hand, suggested Francis.