Wednesday, September 4, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire was really shakened by the words spoken of Thornton. 

She tried to collect herself, while her heart ached deeply for Sebastian, as she wept.

The door had opened, what took you so long, you should of been here half hour ago. I was caught in traffic, I came as soon... as Thornton interrupted!I'll take your bag, run to the kitchen and prepare our dinner, "Thornton demanded ", as Gerald  headed towards the kitchen.

Claire had been watching the clock, as the minutes seemed to pass quickly, she rushed into the closet and began to dress for dinner.

Are coming dear, cocktails are being served in the parlor, "Thornton yelled up the staircase to Claire?"

Who's Claire "questioned Mr. Cunningham?" My new wife, Gerald, "answered Thornton."