Wednesday, September 4, 2013

soulmate- Captive

The bathroom door ajar, as Thornton hung up Claire's clothes in the closet.

He looked in her from a distance, he could only see a glimpse, a side portrait of her beauty. Thornton prop the door, 
kicking it with toe of shoe.

Why you startled me, as she reached for a towel to cover, "Claire screamed!"

Thornton had grabbed the towel, slipping through her fingertips!"Not so quick my dear, there is a gentleman on his way over, you will refer to him as Gerald, he's our new Butler, "Thornton suggested."

You will also see I've moved all your clothes from the your old room downstairs, into this bedroom closet, along with mine, "as he explained."

You will not question him, nor will you act inappropriate, you will answer to Mrs.Androusey, as my wife.
If you say anything to Gerald Cunningham, I will kill you both, now get dressed for supper.

 I'll meet you downstairs in 25 minutes, and remember Claire, don't try to escape this time, or else, as Thornton walked back downstairs.