Friday, July 19, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The chilling sound of the rings, flooding throughout the air, "Mrs Wallington had run over to pickup the phone, with great anticipation!"

I need you to meet down at the police station, "Sergeant Fitzgerald just phoned me," and found some clues in Claire's search, Sebastian explained in detail.

Down at the Manchester police station, over looking the clothed findings of clues, "That's from the gown I made Ms. Claire, as Gene stated so firmly."
Are sure mam, Mrs. Wallington, "asked officer Noble, standing next to Sargent Fitzgerald?"
Oh yes Sir..,officer, "Gene answered in a trembling stutter!"
What are we going to do, "Oh my Sebastian, sobbing with a river of tears, as Gene hugged Sebastian tightly gripped."
Mrs. Wallington have some water, as he walked her over to the water fountain, by the main entrance of the station.