Thursday, July 18, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Get off me, "Claire pleaded with Thornton!"

My beautiful Claire, has he pulled on her hair abrasively, "I want you tonight. No is not an option for you, "he explained harshly!"

Claire pushed him off her, as she went to sit at the cafĂ© table, trying to catch her breath. You're burning up, the fever has worsened, Thornton said with a look of concern.

Take me to the hospital, I am really sick Thornton, something is wrong, my head is pounding.

Claire, I will always take care of you, come my child, as he carried her up the stairs.

As Thornton placed her on the bed, his feelings towards her grew, he became aroused with such sexual desire.

Claire, I won't force you to make love to me tonight, there will come a time when you will love me, "Thornton spoke softly."

I will be right back, as he went downstairs to get something for the fever to let up. Running to her side, here take this, it will help with the infection to brake down the fever, Thornton said.

Claire had positioned herself upon the pillows of plush, swallowing the antibiotics, as she placed down the cup of water on the end table.