Thursday, July 18, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Later that day after leaving the Police station, Sebastian had went home and showered off the day. He still felt alittle shaky from the bump on the side of his head, as he climbed up the spiral staircase, to the master bedroom, to rest his head.

Ring a ling...Ring a ling..., persistently, Sebastian had leaned over to answer the phone, in a sluggish motion.

Good evening, "Montgomery residence, with his raspy spoken words?"

It's Sargent Fitzgerald, we have some knew clues we found while searching the wooded areas near Claire's cottage.

What did you find, "Sebastian asked anxiously ?"

We found white torn fabric, with a brownish mud stained piece of material on a tree, up along the roadside; about a half mile away, into the woods, from Claire's, in which Sargent Fitzgerald had explained.

Really, let me call Mrs. Wallington, and ask her to meet with us down at the police station, so she can tell us if any of the fabric was from Claire's wedding gown, "Thornton suggested."

Ok Mr. Montgomery, see you soon, as the Sargent hung up the phone.