Thursday, July 18, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Thornton went backup stairs to get some clothes, to put in the downstairs bedroom, he had setup for Claire. While hanging up his clothes' in the closet, he looked over at the broken shattered pieces of mirror on the floor.

Thornton picked up a piece and saw his reflection, and said to himself, " I need to shave this rugged face of mine," as he continued to look in the shattered mirror behind the bedroom door.

While exiting the bedroom, he had stepped, and pierced his foot with a sliver of mirror.

Shoot... as he squeezed it out beneath the slit skin of his left foot. 

Thornton went into the hallway closet, where Ms. Campton kept the cleaning supplies, to get a broom with dust pan, to sweep up the broken mirror.

He then took the rest of the broken framed mirror down to the garbage, as he smashed it against the side of the shed. Thornton had noticed, left behind was a torn piece of Claire's wedding gown, left by the entrance of the patio door.

As he bent down to pickup the white strand of material, he recognized the scratches along his hands, that grazed across his neck, in the window pain reflection. Remembering Claire had fought him every step of the way, when she had scratched him while carrying her through the back door.

Thornton went back into the bedroom to shave, and combed his tasseled hair of black.

He wore a pair of black tailored pants, with a Bronze satin robe, which bared his chest.

House slippers made of cream colored leather, shapely footed.