Saturday, July 20, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Sebastian then walked over and sat in his car, thinking before leaving the police station, should I go back to Claire's or? Turning the ignition on, Sebastian had and idea, so he drove off onto the foggy road, heading towards Claire's cottage on the lake.


Gene had been driving home, then took a swift turn about, to go head down the road that led to Claire's. 


It was quite foggy that evening, as dusk started to fade into night. The light poles lit scare sly, while the fog thickened into camouflage that swept along the skyline, making it obscure for drivers, while passing each other along the streets of murky roads.


As Sebastian was looking ahead out the blurry windshield, wiping the inside of the windshield with his hand, along the thick fog that hovered the lake. He had noticed a light on in Claire's cottage, peeking through the back sliding glass door curtains.