Saturday, July 20, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Gene and Sebastian where making their way back to the Sergeants desk, when officer Noble spoke; Don't worry will find her, we will still be looking for her in days too come.

Sargent Fitzgerald, get me the Manchester Gazette, I want raise the ransom. and hire more men on the search, "Sebastian sternly stated out loud!"

Ok Mr. Montgomery, how much,"Lieutenant Gardner quoted while entering the police stations doors?"

Two million dollars, said Sebastian in a high pitched voice...

As you wish Sir Montgomery, I will get more men on the hunt, for Ms. Claire Atkins's, "said The sergeant, as he held the doors open," for Mrs.Wallington and Sir Montgomery existing the police station.



Therefore, Sebastian had walked Mrs. Wallington back to her vehicle, as she Gene looked up at him, with startling eyes.

Gene, you go home and rest, Sebastian said as she drove off into the evening night fog.