Tuesday, August 6, 2013

soulmate- Captive

The sounds of birds chirping, with a stretch, rolled out of bed; while dragging feet entered  the bathroom.
As a tingle merged the toilet.
Thornton had slung back, as the mouthwash swished back and forth, downward the sink.
He began to climb into some overalls, and a wide hat trimmed upon his head.

Ding ...dong, ding...dong, as knuckles pounded the front door cabin, Still no answer.
Ding...dong, "as the doorbell rang!"

Thornton shouted as he walked down the foyer, "I'm coming, he ranted!"

Opening the front door, Good day to you Mr. Androusey. I'm officer Cathcart, I call on behalf of Ms. Campton, your housekeeper?
Sure come on in  wait in the living room. I was just upstairs getting dressed for the day, let me run up and grab some socks and shoes, and I'll be right back , "Thornton explained."