Friday, August 9, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Why look who we have here, Mr.Robert Harris Montgomery, come over here and give your uncle a hug.
Hugging one another, how much you've grown into a fine young lad, "Robert complemented his nephew." 

Tears of joy wept their eyes, as Robert and Sebastian carried the luggage into the foyer of columns.

The windows and the walls were draped in Burgundy, red and black interior cloth, Louis the 13th furniture, crown molding ceilings, swang with crystal chandeliers; followed by a spiral stair case, accented with gold trim in the center of the living room.
Mosaic floors that reeked of Regal, that led to a three story mansion, waterfront.

A decadent backyard, greenery wrapped the garden of color, of radiant rainbow.
The waterfall pond next to the gazebo, alongside a hammock sat in between two oak trees of 20 acres of landscape.