Tuesday, August 6, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Mrs. Wallington are you alright, as Sebastian and officer Noble picked up Gene out of the muddy grass, Walking her back to the cottage.

Gene had sat down, while Sebastian went to get her a clean towel to wipe off the mud on her face, and blouse.

Officer Noble, as the search of men called from afar, "Come, we have found something in the water?"

Sebastian and officer Noble ran down the stoned steps through the glass doors, to the lake, There shining through the rippling of the water line, sparkled was a hair clip.
That belongs to Claire, as Sebastian walked knee high into the lake, as he reached in to pick up the hair clip.

How can you be sure, "officer Noble questioned?"
I know I gave it to Claire, as a birthday present last year, "Thornton spoke firmly!"

How could of it ended up in the lake, as the men stared in discouragement?

Let's get to back to the police station with the evidence at hand, in a plastic bag the search team had brought in they're satchels.