Wednesday, August 7, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Do you think Claire could have died in the lake, "Oh my God Sebastian what to do, " never going to see Claire again, "Gene cried anxiously!"


Mrs. Wallington pull yourself together, we are going to search the lake tomorrow; my men and I, "officer Noble mentioned.“

Thanks to you're team of men, officer Noble, if you need more men put on the search,  I will hire more, " Sebastian suggested?"

No we've got plenty Sir Montgomery, will keep you posted, as the search team with officer Noble exited the cottage.


Let me get you home Gene, you're in no condition to be driving.

What could have happened to our Clare, if I only I had listened to her the morning of the wedding, down at the dress shop, "Gene said repeatedly!"...

You couldn't have known that this was going to happen, "as Sebastian comforted her ," on the Chesterfield.

Sebastian had locked up the cottage tightly, as he walked Gene out to the his vehicle.


There was complete silence on the way home to Mrs. Wallington's.

You could hear the whistling wind, as the leaves fluttered through the night smog of an English setting.

Sabastian had gotten out of the car, opened up the door for Gene, as he hugged, and gave her a peck on the cheek. Get some rest, "Sebastion said."

What about my car, "Gene asked?"

I will come and pick you up sometime in the afternoon, and drive you over to Claire's cottage.

Thank you, and we'll speak tomorrow, as Gene collected herself.


Sebastian drove off into the night to head back to his dwelling.

Sebastian had settled in for the night.


Morning dew on the window pane, Sebastian's eyes leered on, as rain droplets began to fall.

A knock followed by a chiming sound of the doorbell echoed throughout.

Sebastian quickly put a robe on, that was hanging behind the bathroom door, as he climbed down the spiral staircase to see who was calling on him.

Sebastian opened the front door, and to his surprise, stood?