Tuesday, August 6, 2013

soulmate- Captive

After finishing up breakfast, Claire began to wash the dishes, as Thornton observed her every move.

Well What do you plan to do with me today, "Claire had asked?"
You and I are going to take a walk, don't try to run, You will just get lost on my land, "Thornton replied abruptly!"

Where are we headed, make sure to bring a sweater, and do not try to run and scream away from me this time.
Thornton took a hold, locking their hands together, as they exited the back door of  the cabin.

Claire with her sweeping hair through the wind, as her scent captivated his loins of lust, that raged over anticipation of wanting to kiss her.

Thornton couldn't resist her olive skin covered in a summers dress of floral, showered flowing brown hair, that caressed her shoulders. His lips enticed by the hazel green piercing eyes, that dressed her face.