Friday, August 9, 2013

soulmate- Captive

The Manchester Police Department, and I've hired a team of men, searching for Claire.
Lieutenant Gardner, Sargent Fitzgerald and officer Noble along with officer Cathcart have put a team together of men including my own, for the search of Claire's return.

I had went by Claire's cottage a few days ago, and I got hit from behind and scuffled with the intruder, kidnapper down by the lake "Sebastian mentioned to Uncle Robert."

What can I do to help," asked Robert?"
I welcome you and for you coming uncle Robert, "as Sebastian hugged", in remorse of pain he felt with worry of Claire's disappearance.


First I need to pick up Mrs. Wallington, so she can retrieve her car over at Claire's cottage.

It's a long story, I'll tell you long the way uncle Robert, as Sebastian rushed themselves out the door.

This has been really hard on everyone, so I'm really glad to have you here, uncle Robert, " Sebastian expressed."

Beep,beep, outcome running Mrs. Wallington, what's your rush son?
Gene, this is my uncle Robert Harris Montgomery, he's an attorney out of Blackpool, England. He's come on my behalf of Claire to help, Mrs.Wallington
Good day to you ma'am, likewise Mr. Montgomery, No please, call me Robert, Mrs. Wallington.
Gene looked over with stricken grief upon her state of mind, Thank you, and please call me Gene, "she requested."

Sebastian and uncle Robert had dropped Gene off by her car, as she drove heading for the dress shop, "Dresses by Claire."

Mrs. Wallington had entered the dreary dress shop, feeling sadness throughout her veins of body and soul.
She began to open the shop, and get it ready for the days setup.
Gene started tailoring a dress for Mrs.Holmes, that work down at City Hall, she had been running behind in the makings. Gene began to become distracted, with thoughts of worry and despair, whimpering in between each stitch of the needle.

The phone had been ringing off the wall of the dress shop.
Mrs. Wallington finally broke from spacing out of concern, as she picked up the telephone; Hello dresses by Claire, how may I help you, "she answered?"
Gene its me, Francis Atkins, "Claire's brother remember?"

Journeying down the streets, through the rocky roads of brick paved streets to the woods.
They both had noticed up ahead, four police vehicles and two pedestrians standing along the side of the road.

Sebastian had veered the car over to the scene of vehicles, along the side of the road.