Friday, September 13, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Thornton had went back outside on the back patio to bring Claire back in.

Come Mrs. Androusey, don't call me that I'll never be your wife, shush, Remember what I explained to you earlier, while you were upstairs bathing, as he pulled Claire by the arm. You will learn to accept being my wife around Gerald, otherwise I will kill both of you.
Thornton had set Claire down at the dining room table.
You must be famished by now, Gerald as prepared us a beautiful dinner this evening.

Claire observed the tables dressings, as her stomach echoed of hunger pains.Smells delicious, as she lifted the cover up from her plate, her mouth started to water.

Pop... as the wine swished around in the wine glass, down the esophagus, with a sigh of enjoyment. 

Nothing like a fine wine to go with dinner, as Thornton poured Claire a glass of chardonnay.

Did you put any sleep aids or drugs in the wine or food, as sarcasm fell from her mouth.

No I did not Claire, eat your supper, drink and enjoy my love, with the clinking of their glasses.