Friday, September 13, 2013

soulmate- Captive

What do you mean asked Francis, I don't understand what you're speaking of ?
Earlier this morning we found Ms.  Campton's body along with her vehicle, on her left hand, She's missing her index finger, "explained officer Cathcart."
She had been thrown from her vehicle, or may have been dragged from her car.
Now you say you found this in Claire's dresser drawer, "questioned officer Cathcart?"
Yes, Mrs.Wallington and I had been over to Claire's cottage while I was settling in- putting me garments away, that's when I found the finger, "Francis replied."
Why was Mrs.Wallington doing over there, asked the officer?
She came by to help with the fresh linens and have a spot of tea while settling in, "respond Francis."
The reason I ask is she hasn't been feeling her ole' self since Claire's missing, she doesn't know yet about us finding Ms. Camptin's bost.
Please fill her in, update her on what's going on,shared officer Cathcart.
Sure will and keep me informed as well Francis stated as he exited the police station doors swiftly!